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The PPD/TMS Peer Network (PTPN) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization. The PTPN sponsors and operates the TMS Wiki and all of its sister programs including: the Peer Support Drop-in Chat, Peer Supervision Teleconferences, several mailing lists for both peers and practitioners, TMS Webinars, and many other programs and projects. The governing body of the organization is the Executive Council and the Board of Directors. All members of both the Executive Council and the Board of Directors have had PPD/TMS at some point in their lives. A majority of these members consider themselves to have recovered from chronic pain and experience little to no pain.

Executive Council

By consent of the Board of Directors, the day to day policies of the wiki are made by its Executive Council, which communicates via a mailing list that anyone is free to join. Members of the Executive Council include:

Executive Council Emeritus

Emeritus status is given to wiki members who have made substantial contributions to the wiki in the past but who are no longer members of the Executive Council. While they may not be contributing any more, their contributions certainly are not forgotten.


Each project the PTPN develops has its own committee which plans and organizes all aspects of its programming. A few of these committees are:

Web Site Transition Team

The Web Site Transition Team has been charged with developing a new site for the TMS Wiki and transferring over all of the content on the previous site. This team also researched and built a new forum to go along with the site. Members of this group include:

Peer Support Drop-in Chat

Starting in the Fall of 2011 the PTPN began hosting a weekly chat room on Saturdays for people who recovering from or who have recovered from PPD/TMS. The chat room committee has played an important role in the program's success. Members of the committee serve as "anchors" for each session and they developed a set of guidelines for the program. Members of this committee include:

There are also quite a few other members of the Executive Council who routinely attend these sessions to lend their support.

Structured Educational Program

Starting in the summer of 2010 members of the TMS Wiki began to develop the first TMS recovery program made entirely by TMSers who have recovered. The mission of the project was to create a program that walks people through their recovery and providing them with advice along their journey. The design committee began by researching every other recovery program to better understand the techniques that are most commonly used in recovery. The educational program intertwines forum posts, success stories, PPD/TMS related articles, journal activities and videos together in one easy to follow format. The Educational Program is a living document and was designed to be constantly updated. Peers and practitioners alike are encouraged to use it as a basis of developing their own recovery program and build upon our original format. The committee consists of:

Thank You Card Project for Dr. Sarno

The work of Dr. John Sarno has had a monumental affect on the lives of all members of the Executive Council and most of our visitors. Sarno has helped many of us directly, by diagnosing and treating us the TMS, or indirectly, by writing and promoting this books that laid the groundwork for the TMS/PPD community. As a way to show Dr. Sarno our deepest thanks and gratitude for his life's work the Executive Council began working on a Thank You Card Project. The project itself consists of creating a scrapbook which will contain thank you notes and success stories from people who have recovered from TMS. This is an ongoing project with the hope of having it completed in early 2012. The committee members are:

Q&A with an Expert

One of the earliest programs the TMS Wiki was the Q&A with an Expert program. It was originated to allow visitors the ability to ask questions to the leading TMS/PPD practitioners. Visitors are allowed to post questions and members of this committee forward the questions to practitioners to have them answer them. This program is still running and new questions are added frequently. The members of this committee are:

Practitioners involved with this program are:

Peer Supervision Teleconference

The first Peer Supervision Teleconference took place in 2010 and there has been one every other month since then. The teleconferences are designed for practitioners, primarily psychotherapists, and provide them with an opportunity to discuss a variety of treatment approaches and case histories. The teleconferences have also morphed into a terrific community building tool in that they bring a diverse group of practitioners together to support one another. Each session consists of a guest speaker who discusses a topic of their choice, which can be anything from the approach they use, to their research, or PPD/TMS activism. Type two Continuing Education Credits are also available to practitioners who attend.

Corporate Gifts

The PPD/TMS Peer Network gratefully acknowledges the following in-kind donations:

  • Quickbooks Accounting software from Intuit
  • Constituent Relationship Management Software with Nonprofit Extensions from SalesForce
  • Google Apps Office Productivity Applications and Custom Search Engine from Google
  • Creative Suite Web Premium software from Adobe

The PPD/TMS Peer Network is proud of being an independent voice of people recovering from TMS. To preserve this independence, our policy is to not accept any donations of more than $50 per year from anyone (individual or corporation, worldwide) who makes any money that is in any way related to PPD/TMS. So far, we have not received any donations of this sort.

Contact Us

Telephone: (857) 250-3999

Email Address: InfoEmailAddress.jpg

Mailing Address:

The PPD/TMS Peer Network
PO Box 1422
Brookline, MA 02446

Alternatively, you can reach us by filling out this contact form.