Thoughts on overcoming the stigma of psychological pain, by HilaryN

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I think it's worth outlining the barriers we are facing (not because I want to be negative, but because by knowing what the barriers are, we can tackle the job of dismantling them):

1) Most people believe that physical conditions have a physical cause (I'm stating the obvious here, we all know that barrier)

  1. (Here in the UK at least, and I suspect in US too) There's an implication that if pain is psychological, it's imaginary / not real... and more importantly (in terms of resistance to the concept) this has implications that one is a malingerer. (Sarno talks about secondary gain.) One has made up the pain to get out of things one doesn't want to do. To avoid one's duty. Because one is a lazy person. Probably a whole host of other negative and judgemental implications. In other words “psychological” means “BAD” in a lot of people's minds.
  1. This brings me on to another related subject. Mental illness here in the UK has a huge stigma attached to it. MIND (the mental health organisation) has campaigned to remove this stigma. In fact on the Tube (subway) last night I saw an advert for a current campaign:

It would be interesting to have a look around this website (I haven't had time yet), maybe observe and apply to our campaign, maybe get involved with their campaign, maybe join the two up.

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