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The TMS Wiki and the UK

The TMS Wiki has always had a great relationship with the online TMS community from the UK. For example, in the month leading up to the writing of this sentence, we've had 1248 visits from 71 cities in the UK. About half of our most active editors are from the UK (HilaryN, Pandamonium and Flutterby), and once or twice a year, they will have some sort of meetup in the UK (like this one). ... So welcome to the wiki and please introduce yourself in our General Discussion Forum!

UK TMS Professionals

UK TMS psychotherapists

Currently (May 2009) there are no TMS psychotherapists, however here are some suggestions:

  • HilaryN123 adds: " I found "The Journey" by Brandon Bays to be helpful when recovering from my RSI. I have also found Body Psychotherapy useful for exploring the emotions further ."


Note: You can usually contact wiki users through their TMS wiki profile.

UK TMS Resources

UK Events

  • There was a meetup in Richmond on Wednesday, May 13th, at 7:30pm in The Cricketers. Contact me via my profile if you're interested in joining us for future events: HilaryN
  • There was another meetup at the Back Show on the 4th of October in London. Hilary, Pandamonium, Daria, HilaryN and Louise-Levy were there. HilaryN wrote about the trip here and a discussion of it can be found here.
  • More events can be found in our main Events page and the TMS-related Events and Announcements category of our discussion forum.

The TMS UK chat room

In case, UK TMSers ever want to get together to chat over the internet, they can use the chat room on this page. For a chat room like this, it is important to arrange beforehand to make sure that adequate people will be there before starting. However, if you wish to make such arrangements, the technical resources are available.