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Oprah Winfrey has created a very sophisticated web class for people interested in Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth. For each chapter of the book, it includes long downloadable video webcast with Oprah and Eckhart, a downloadable workbook, readings, exercises, and other resources. The easiest way to access it, chapter by chapter, is through the class's "syllabus".

According to this thread, weeks 5 and 6 are probably the most relevant for TMS.

The British newspaper, The Independent has a well researched if cynically written article on Tolle. It cites several celebrities who are fans of Tolle's, describes Oprah's webinar, gives a brief bio of Tolle, and quotes several other writers about his work. One notable quote from a former instructor at the London School of Economics: "The thing that's really good about him, [is that] in the midst of all the psychobabble to do with happiness being based on getting what you want, Tolle sounds a clear note stating that happiness comes from a state of consciousness and a connection with being present to the wonder of life. Which is just what's needed."

Wavy Soul has written that

By the way, for you or anyone else who loves Eckhart Tolle or is exploring enlightenment as a pathway to wellness, or just as a pathway to enlightenment, google Jan Frazier. She's an ordinary housewife/writing teacher who suddenly experienced a falling-away of fear, followed by her whole ego. No more suffering. It's incredibly inspiring, even though she can't explain quite how it happened. Her book is called When Fear Falls Away, but just by going to her website, you can read pages and pages of inspiring writing that for me has been life-changing. And I've been listening to her CD Words to Wake Up To, morning noon and night.

To participate in discussions of Jan Frazier's teachings, post in this thread.

In post 6 of the thread entitled " update," LorieG says about A New Earth that " I am reading The Power of Now presently and that is truly a wonderful book that I highly recommend." Later in the thread she writes, "I read "A New Earth" last year, when I was free of TMS and thoroughly enjoyed it."

You can discuss your experiences with the book, the web class, and your TMS in the discussion threads below.

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