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While going through this program you have gained an understanding of what TMS/PPD is and how it can create real physical symptoms. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that just because we can understand something on an intellectual level, it may take longer for the message to sink into our unconscious mind. While you have been learning about PPD for over one month, you have been treated with conventional medicine for much longer than this. It can take time to fully eradicate the doubt that our unconscious mind will continue to bring up. Continue educating yourself about PPD and if you have any questions or concerns at all feel free to post in the Structured Educational Program section of the PTPN's discussion forum

Educational Activity: A signficant part of PPD is the preoccupation we have with our symptoms. When we have severe pain all we can do is focus on how bad it hurts and if it will ever stop. When are symptoms are not present it is easy to think, When is the pain going to return or If I go for that walk, will my symptoms flare up. Everything we do becomes centered around our symptoms. The problem with this is that by focusing so much on our symptoms you are only fueling the pain cycle. Overcoming this cycle, while challenging, is possible. PPD practitioner, Alan Gordon, discusses this in his article, Breaking the Pain Cycle.

Part of breaking the pain cycle invovles understnding the connections between our personality traits and current stresses. Our personalities affect how we handle and react to certain events and stresses. For today's journal activity write about either a personatliy trait or a current issue that is creating stress in your life

Video Blog: Is it possible to work too hard at treating TMS: The following is a post from Forest's Video Blog that was posted in the forum. For further reading and to respond visit Can you work too hard at overcoming tms

Question To Ponder
What part of PPD do you think is frustrating or silly? Is there something about the theory you don't accept? What personality trait do you think makes you feel this way? If you feel comfortable sharing, then post your response in a thread in our Structured Program forum. We would love to hear from you.

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