Educational Program Day 35

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Congratulations on completing the fifth week of the program. When you come to the close of each week it may be easy to focus on where you are now. But try to avoid the "calender watching" behavior. Remind yourself that you are recovering at your own pace, so there is no need to compare yourself to anyone else. This is your recovery and your own journey.

Self Care Day: A large part of recovery involves becoming active again. As goodist and perfectionist so much of our time involves focusing on other people and ignoring our own needs. This is why the Self care days are so important. If you have not had a day off this week, then today is your day to do what you want. Go for a walk, garden, or any other activity/hobby you enjoy. Today take care of yourself by doing something you enjoy. Feel free to be with family and friends, but only if you want to. Try to avoid people and places that trigger your symptoms. Lastly, remember to relax, have fun, and forget about having TMS/PPD!

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