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In his latest update Monte discusses the need to focus on the present. He encourages us to start thinking in the present in small ways such as when we are brushing our teeth, or standing in the check-out line, or when we are exercising. I see the benefit in starting the process in short intervals like this. I was wondering if anyone else has benefited from using this approach of saying “for the next five minutes I am going to think only about what I am doing and nothing else.” How has thinking in the present helped you overcome your pain? When you catch yourself thinking about the past or future how do you get back to thinking in the present? What techniques do you use to get yourself back on track? Lastly, is focusing on the present actually an attempt to repress our emotions? Isn't our pain a sign that we need to address our emotions? Therefore, does focusing on the present make us continue the cycle of chronic pain and repressing our feelings?

Monte Hueftle Update - May 6th

Hello Everyone,

Time to take a break from all of this Think Psychological, Think Clean, and redirecting of thoughts and behaviors.

This break, if you practice it, can be the most significant and efficient treatment for reversing your physical pain disorder.

Keep it Simple!

If I could communicate only one key to reversing this pain disorder to you, it would be this: Keep it simple and be present.

Where is your Attention?

1. The past. Reliving things we messed up. Being self-conscious about something we did. Wishing we could have something back that is gone. Living in memories of the past. Being angry about things done to us. Feeling guilty about things we have done.

2. The future. Worrying about things we need to get done or need to have happen. Creating tension about a big event coming up. Being anxious that things might go wrong, or that we might miss, or that we may mess up. Hoping for new treatment. Dreaming of great things to come, so that when they do we can start living.

3. The present. What is happening right now, at this moment. What we are doing/experiencing right now.

What's wrong with focusing on the past or future?

If you are experiencing physical pain in your body that is being created by inner stress/tension/anxiety, much of this is happening when your thoughts are in the past or in the future. Most anger, guilt and resentment are in the past. Most of your worry/anxiety is in the future. You are being self-conscious and pleasing now, but isn't this because of something that happened in the past or that you are trying to control in the future?

What is the benefit of being present or mindful now?

1. You create less inner stress and tension.

2. You reduce significantly your repression or restricting thoughts/behaviors.

3. Being present is experiencing now without the old, chronic patterns holding us back.

Back to Simple

Start with the simple more mindless activities in your life. Brushing your teeth, taking a shower, eating, walking up steps, driving to work, standing in line at the market, having a casual conversation and exercising. Instead of having your thoughts go into worry, anger, pleasing and as focused and present in whatever it is you are doing. Lose yourself in the brushing of your teeth, count your steps as you walk, follow your breath while waiting in a line somewhere,truly engage in your conversation with someone,be in your exercise activity--your body, movement, breath instead of worry or anger thoughts.

The Key

Just start practicing being more present in whatever you are doing and less thinking about everything else. Keep it simple, be present and practice this.

The Benefit

I hope you get this, I mean really get this. This simple practice of being present is a big, huge deal to get you out of pain. When you are being present now you are not creating inner stress and tension and you are not repressing emotional energy. You are not communicating tightness/restriction to your nervous system. You are creating openness and allowing. It really is that simple and it really is powerful and effective for reversing physical pain disorders caused by inner stress/tension/anxiety.

Many of you think that there has to be more to it than this. There isn't! Keep it simple and practice.

Stay the Course,

Monte Hueftle

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