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In his next update Monte Hueftle offers some advice about how we can investigate what is going on with our mind by asking ourselves five simple questions. By thinking Psychologically, Monte suggests we will no longer be focused on our pain and our treatment, but will be able to create new unrestricted behavior. This update got me thinking about what questions other people ask themselves to uncover their true emotions? When you begin to feel pain, what thought-patterns do you use to investigate the cause of your pain? What sort of attitudes do you consider to be “open” and which ones do you consider to be “closed” and “restricted” attitudes. Lastly, Monte suggests we need to stop thinking about our treatment, is that a good thing?

Monte Hueftle Update – April 8

Hi Everyone,

Your emotion or what you are feeling is your indicator of where your thoughts, behaviors, attitudes and beliefs are focused. When you are experiencing negative feelings, anger about something, fear about resuming your activities, or chronic worry about anything... the name of the emotion or feeling does not matter. It always means that there is restriction, denying and non-allowing taking place within you and in your myriad of relationships (job, bank account, mother/father, significant other, big goals, this pain disorder). Your emotions are always telling you, showing you when there is emotional energy that is stuck, being repressed and causing you unease, tension and pain.

You should regularly (hundreds of times per day) be investigating what is going on with you.

A. What am I feeling right now

B. What is causing me to feel anxious

C. Why am I in chronic worry about that

D. Why did I just think this or say that…

E. Why am I uncomfortable around this person or that situation

These are just a few examples of your inner investigation which allows you to “think psychologically” versus focusing on symptoms and treatments. This is always the most vital communication that you are making back to the pain disorder/strategy. This is a big, huge deal!

Having said that, nothing is more important than that you feel good! And you have absolute and utter control about that because you can choose the thought that makes you worry or the thought that makes you happy—at the very least brings you some relief. You choose the attitude that is open or the one that is closed. It is your choice to engage in behavior that is allowing or one that is restricting. You have the choice in every moment and this is the daily moment to moment practice of Think Clean.

Where are your thoughts and behaviors focused?

A. Are your thoughts generating tension within you

B. Are you in a behavior that is restricting—not allowing you to be open

C. Do you have a chronic attitude that is keeping you stuck and tight

Everything affecting you is a reflection; it is an effect of the energy (thoughts, behaviors, attitudes, beliefs) that you are generating out on a daily basis. This disorder is caused by your chronic moment to moment emitting of energy. Spend more of your time focused on Thinking Psychologically and Thinking Clean and much less focused on your current pain/symptom reality. The pain reality is your effect, now is the time to begin creating your new effects.

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