Chronic Pain: Your Key to Recovery

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By Georgie Oldfield, MCSP
Published May 9, 2014


Written by UK practitioner and SIRPA founder Georgie Oldfield, MCSP, Chronic Pain: Your Key to Recovery begins with a discussion of the scientific research backing the TMS approach. The book then examines the concept of TMS, looks at the various symptoms and conditions TMS can manifest as, and explores what causes TMS as well as what fuels symptoms and flare-ups. Wrapping up the book are 30 pages of exercises, worksheets, and tips, which are in the appendix, followed by 18 TMS recovery stories.

Table of Contents

Introduction: From conventional to pioneering
Chapter 1: Setting the Scene and Providing the Evidence
Chapter 2: The Concept of stress-induced symptoms
Chapter 3: Possible stress-induced symptoms/ conditions
Chapter 4: Causes of stress-induced symptoms/ conditions
Chapter 5: Beginning your recovery journey
Personal recovery stories

About the Author

Main Article: Georgie Oldfield, MCSP
Georgie Oldfield, MCSP

Georgie Oldfield, MCSP is a physiotherapist from the United Kingdom and actively works to promote and educate others about TMS. She is the founder of SIRPA (Stress Illness Recovery Practitioners Association), a UK-based organization dedicated to educating practitioners and other professionals in the UK in the treatment of TMS, and has developed an online recovery program as well as a recovery CD to help individuals with TMS. Georgie is also the organizer of the 2015 conference “Chronic Pain: to suppress, manage, or cure?”.

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Magicbird wrote:

If you suffer from chronic pain, look no further. Get Ms. Oldfield's book--and consider yourself very lucky for having found Ms. Oldfield's book, because you are now among the few chronic pain sufferers in the world today who will ever know how to free yourself from pain.

I speak as a medical professional who has spent my entire career searching for answer for chronic pain,only to be disappointed over and over again by professional courses, literature and costly treatment devices, all of which promised Real Answers for chronic pain but in the end provided at best only temporary relief. I've spent $10,000s in my search for answers only to come up almost empty-handed time after time. My shelves are full of scores of books on pain, which are doing nothing but collecting dust.

So imagine my shock when I came across the answer I had spent my career searching for--but not in within mainstream medicine as one would expect, and hope, and assume. Instead I found the answers for chronic pain in a little-known book that I had stumbled upon totally by chance while browsing on It was a book about 'faulty medical advice.' I ALMOST DIDN'T BUY THE BOOK! Thinking back, that frightens me more than anything--that I almost didn't buy the book! Because tucked within its pages, to my astonishment, was The Answer I had spent decades searching for. The answer for chronic pain lies in the pioneering work of Dr. John E. Sarno MD and TMS (Tension Myositis Syndrome). TMS is the actual diagnosis for chronic pain. I was stunned. I am still stunned. Had I not purchased this book, I STILL would not know the answer for chronic pain.

Ms. Oldfield herself is a pioneer. She is a physiotherapist who has taken the work of Dr. John Sarno and pulled it together in a course which she now teaches to other therapists. Dr. Sarno himself has endorsed her work, stating, "It is great to have such a competent and enthusiastic colleague in the UK". Now Ms. Oldfield has provided the world with a well-written, easy-to-understand book which offers the reader the chance to free himself permanently from chronic pain. With chronic pain epidemic in the US, inflicting millions--and with a medical system that shamefully continues to turn a blind eye to its own medical research and to the truth of the effectiveness of TMS treatment, be thankful that Ms. Oldfield has written this book. This book is indeed your Key to Recovery.

hotfudge wrote:

This book is a must read for anyone experiencing chronic back, neck, shoulder, knee, etc. pain. It is an easy read that explains the root cause of chronic pain and also gives concrete advice on how to rid yourself of it without drugs or surgery. The author also shares patient success stories and her experiences of helping them cure themselves. If you want an end to your suffering or you know of someone else who is in pain, this book can help.

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ISBN 9781496977489

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