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This CD was produced by Chartered Physiotherapist Georgie Oldfield and edited by Dave Clarke, MD and replaces Georgie’s original TMS Recovery DVD. This CD includes general information about TMS, aimed at helping listeners not only understand the concept, but be able to recognise how and why they might have their own symptoms. Information is also provided to help them make a start with their own recovery.

About the DVD, John Sarno wrote, “Congratulations on the production of the DVD, TMS Recovery. It is an excellent public education document, for which your fellow citizens in the UK should be most grateful. I found your description of TMS and many other psychosomatic disorders to be clear, concise and very well informed. You have made an important contribution to the dissemination of knowledge about psychosomatic medicine”

Originally this product was developed as a DVD, which lasted 2 hours, 25 minutes. The script was later developed into a CD to make it easier to listen to when, for example, driving or exercising.

People are able to purchase the CD from Georgie Oldfield's website.


AriesLady, a patient of Georgie's who has been a member of the wiki since January 29, 2009, has written the following review of this DVD:

Testimonial for Georgie Oldfield's DVD

My Testimonial for Georgie Oldfield's DVD

I myself was a newcomer to understanding TMS. This DVD is very enlightening and covers everything that you need to know and understand about TMS and its recovery.

I think that the DVD produced by Georgie Oldfield is very good. I bought this in December last year and it is packed with lots and lots of very good information regarding TMS.

Its very easy to follow and split into lots of sections, which covers an Introduction all about TMS, it has Testimonials from people that have fully recovered,

The Mindbody Relationship is one section, Typical Signs and Symptoms of TMS is another plus Misdiagnoses of Typical TMS Conditions , also covers the Psychology behind TMS and discusses the Underlying Causes of TMS and then the Treatment Section.

Every part is gone into fully, there is lots of information about Journalling and the treatment section is very very good. You can follow it in sections easily. Plus there is a booklet that comes with it on TMS recovery.

Its really very good and i find it helpful to watch it in sections.


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