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This page provides directions for how editors with a conflict of interest may suggest edits that they would like made to pages about themselves of their products. Volunteer editors who don't have a conflict of interest can then implement these suggestions into the relevant page, editing them if necessary so that they meet the standards of the wiki. See Conflict of Interest Policy for more background information about this page.

Directions for COI Editors

If you are a COI editor who would like to add COI content, you can make a request by emailing InfoEmailAddress.jpg with your suggested edits and the link to the page in question.

Additional Guidelines for COI Editors

Directions for Volunteers Editors

  • Interested editors should add this page to their watch list by clicking the ▼ located in the top right corner of this page and then selecting "Watch". After doing so, you will receive email notices whenever this page is changed and can add your own input.
  • It is best to link to the relevant wiki page about a person or product, instead of including links off of the site.
  • Read either TMSWiki:About Books & DVDs, etc. Pages or TMSWiki:About Bio Pages for more in-depth guidelines around specific types of wiki pages.
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