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The Who's Who in TMS consists of biographical pages on individuals who have had an impact on the TMS/PPD community. The list is not completed and more people will be added in the future. The individuals that are listed tend to fit into three categories: authors, activists, and individuals who have made special contributions to the TMS/PPD community.

Information on Writing a Biography

The articles included on the Who's Who page are essentially biographies of living persons, therefore significant care must be taken into ensuring the accuracy and neutrality of the article. The following are guidelines that should be adhered to when writing a bio. Failure to adhere to these principles may result in the quick removal of the article in violation.

  • Like all other wiki pages, all editors of these pages must adhere to the wiki's Conflict of Interest Policy. No person can edit their own biography. All of these edits will be removed.
  • Most of the Conflict of Interest Policy boils down to the following: Don't write anything about yourself, your website, your products/services. If you would like to add content about these things someone would be more than happy to add it. Post the information for a review as a forum post or post in the "Change Request" Forum.
  • Bios of living people must be written in a neutral light. They should never attack the subject or portray the subject in a negative or overly positive light. Also they should never attack another subject or entity in a negative light.
  • All facts used in the biography must cited by reliable and credible sources. These sources include official websites of the practitioner, biographical information found in books or other articles, and primary documents written by a subject such as the wiki's Survey Response Form. Failure to use adequate sources will result in the removal of the article without notice.
  • Avoid gossip and internet thread posts that talk about specific individuals. The Who's Who project is not a forum to discuss gossip about a person. Anonymous forum posts, both positive and negative in nature, are not adequate sources. An exception to this is if a forum posts contains biographical information about a subject obtained through personal communication. An example of this would be a forum post by someone who was told by the subject that they are no longer seeing patients. Then in the entry that forum post could be used as a source citing that the subject no longer sees patients.
  • Forum posts made by the subject may be used as sources, only if it is relevant to the article, and it can be proven that the actual subject wrote the forum post.
  • Copyright law and fair use law should be strictly adhered to. Information included in an article should not be directly taken from a source. When quoting a source it should be made clear which part is the quote, who said or wrote it, and where it comes from. Simply copying and pasting information into an article that is on another biographical page is a direct violation of this policy. In the occasion this is done the article will be quickly removed or altered without notice.

Structure of the Pages

The main design for these pages will consist of one to three paragraphs of biographical information. Extensive information may be difficult to come by, therefore most of these pages will not be extremely long in length. The following is a guide to writing the pages.

  • The first paragraph should focus primarily on the education, training, and career information about the subject. For the most part the career information will include how long the subject has been in practice and what their focus is.
  • The second paragraph should focus on any publications the subject has written, awards they have received, and any other relevant information. Information about publications should include the area of its focus. Also, if the subject has made any major contributions to the TMS/PPD community these should be mentioned in this paragraph.
  • When using the subjects name, the first time should always be their full name, and all preceding times should be their last name. First names should never be used on their own.
  • If there is other relevant and unbiased information it should be added in a third paragraph.
  • After the biographical information include a section called Contact Info, which should be in bold. This information should include information regarding the location of the subject's practice, its phone number, and email address. Only include information that is publicly available. Personal phone number, email address, and home addresses should never be included, and will be removed.
  • Interesting links should be added below the contact info section, so the page is not an orphan. Any books the subject has written should be linked to, primarily if there is a wiki page about those books (if there isn't feel free to make one). Also, it is important to link to the Who's Who main page. Editors should also add a link to the new page on the Who's Who home page.
  • All pages should have a link to the About: Who's Who page.
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