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Hematospermia & prostatitis blood in semen / sperm

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Bkt, Apr 2, 2023.

  1. Bkt

    Bkt Newcomer

    Hello. Last year Dec 2022 my wife and started trying to conceive and I felt a pop in the groin/pelvic area while we were trying and I noticed the first signs of a tiny bit of blood in my semen. Fast forward to today over a year later, I still have blood in my semen which is a very dark red and brown town and is just relentless and will not go away and I also have this constant tingling very mild pin pricking type of pain in my groin and pelvic area. My wife and I are seeking fertility assistance and they have said that my sperm count is okay but not the best and the motility isn’t the best either. I have seen a handful of urologists, tons of various blood work including PSA tests for prostate cancer, 2 cystoscopies, ultrasounds, prostate examinations by hand/camera, tried antibiotics, quit drinking coffee/caffeine and alcohol, was thinking about getting a colonoscopy done and an MRI is booked for this coming summer. I’m afraid I’m dying and it’s the beginning signs of prostrate cancer or something else. I want o believe its TMS as I started using the TMS techniques over 20 years ago to treat all types of pain over the years created in my mind so I have experience with Dr. Sarnos techniques. What’s making me question it which I know I shouldn’t be if I truly want to give it a chance and heal is the fact that it’s not just the mild tingling pain in the groin area but the actual physical evidence of dark blood in my semen that won’t give up.
    (Sperm consistency is a concentrated bloody colour and not white) Some of the stresses I’m dealing with are the demands to perform and stay at the top in my career. I’m proud of the success I’ve achieved in my career but staying at this level puts tremendous pressure on me to continue to perform. The fear of having an unhealthy baby, the pressure on myself of wanting to be a great father and husband, and son to my parents. The thoughts of having a baby brings joy to my heart but also the fear of losing my own time is real. Overall I think I’m healthy eating a well balanced diet and going to the gym also. Looking to share my story here for support and to give support. Thanks for hearing me out.
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  2. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hello @Bkt and welcome - glad you found us here.

    I certainly agree that continued signs of blood at any time, from wherever in our bodies, is an alarming symptom. That being said, I also feel like we've seen people report this phenomenon (various signs of bleeding for unknown reasons) over the years, which resolved upon the application of TMS techniques. Since you've got some time between now and these future tests - consider some or all of the following:

    1. First, in order to get you to take a step back and maybe allow a more rational outlook, let's take a look at nosebleeds. Chronic nosebleeds are a common sign of stress. They are, in fact, well-accepted by the medical community as a symptom that is associated with stress. And they are well-documented as resolving when the source of stress resolves. These are facts. So ask yourself - is it unreasonable to believe that this can't also occur in other parts of the body? Particularly a body part associated with a lot of emotional anxiety?

    2. As you wait for these tests, become more mindful of your tendency to catastrophize. When you see yourself doing so, STOP, BREATHE, and VISUALIZE the likelihood that the tests will show that there is nothing wrong. Rationally, that IS the outcome you want, isn't it? Remember that our TMS brains are NOT rational - they are fearful, and they want you to remain stuck in the shallow upper layer of fear, rather than going deeper to examine your hidden repressed emotions.

    3. The TMS/MBS/PPD world has a lot more resources for "doing the work" (figuring out how to get down to the repressed emotions) that were not necessarily available twenty years ago. We've got two free programs right here, neither of which requires any kind of registration: The Structured Educational Program on the main tmswiki.org site, and Alan Gordon's Pain Recovery Program here on the forum. There are workbooks available from Drs. Howard Schubiner and David Schecter, there's the Curable app, there are free and paid resources from Nicole Sachs LCSW, and many many others, both free and paid, which you can find by reading stories on the Success Stories subforum here. There is, of course, therapy or counseling from mindbody-based mental health practitioners, and there are therapies specifically aimed at anyone with adverse childhood experiences or trauma. If you had any kind of childhood adversity, I strongly advise reviewing the information and questions here:
    Take The ACE Quiz — And Learn What It Does And Doesn't Mean : Shots - Health News : NPR

    Bottom line: it is essential to accept one fact that we see and hear over and over again on this forum: the people who report the most success are the ones who do the emotional work. Sure, there are a ton of day-to-day techniques for managing symptoms in the moment which are extremely valuable, and which should be incorporated into your routine when you find them worthwhile, but ultimately, long-lasting success and control over the human TMS brain mechanism requires learning how to hear our inner negative self-talk, and to find, face, and accept the source of it.

    I have a couple of podcast recommendations to get you started (both of them are Nicole Sachs, and these links are to the posts where I announced them). One is about the Symptom Imperative, since you reported past success (ignore the thread title about Long Covid and see my second paragraph): https://www.tmswiki.org/forum/threads/nicole-sachs-on-long-covid.26924/ (Nicole Sachs on Long COVID)

    The other is a two-part session in which Nicole answers questions from her community, and to me it felt like personal therapy along with reminders of so many TMS truths (she even describes a bit about co-teaching with Dr. Sarno!): https://www.tmswiki.org/forum/threads/nicole-sachs-podcast-s3-episodes-29-and-30.26965/ (Nicole Sachs podcast S3 Episodes 29 and 30)

    Good luck!

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  3. Bkt

    Bkt Newcomer

    Hi Jan! I really appreciate your response and have committed 100% to working on my mind, emotions, and undeniable belief that I will be okay. “I’m am not afraid of it anymore and it does not deserve my attention anymore. It’s my mind that is trying to protect me from dangerous thoughts.”
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