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Going from Chronic Pelvic Pain to TMS

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by mleach, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. healing1580

    healing1580 New Member

    All my testing has been normal.
    Before my pelvic pain started, I had a very stressful 1 month after bad reaction to flu vaccine last fall.
    My pelvic pain fluctuates but has never really gone away. It really makes me so depressed, angry, frustrated and anxious. Yes and lots of fear about the pain. I am a very spiritual person and pray to God to help me heal. I have read Dr. Sarno's book but I am not sure how to apply the TMS concept to my pain. I would appreciate your help with this.
    Thank you so much
  2. cirrusnarea

    cirrusnarea Well known member


    While my TMS pain and symptoms have not gone away totally, my pelvic pain more or less has. This is really amazing and even though I'm still in pain, I feel so much better now being out of the pelvic pain, the fear, anxiety, depression which accompany the pain are far worse than the pain itself. I'm a firm believer that the so called Chronic pelvic pain or chronic prostatitis is TMS. Dr. Sarno has three really good books, I would read each of them. When it comes to how to apply the concept, it's different for everyone, but I'd start by going over his 12 daily reminders which are found in healing back pain. For me personally, it's odd because I started having horrible pain in addition to the pelvic pain. It got to the point where I couldn't care less about the pelvic pain because I preferred it to the back pain so much. Once I stopped caring it literally went away over night. I had pain with ejaculation as well, this really had me worked up. Eventually I stopped caring and said oh well, if it gets worse, it gets worse. Within a week it went away totally. Since your testing is normal, I'd say you have typical TMS symptoms and you can overcome them. It feels like you're trapped in a dark pit sometimes with no hope of getting out, but there is hope. I got out of it and you can too. I started seeing a therapist as well, It is likely you have emotional issues that you may need to go to therapy for. Follow Herbie's advice as well, he's great.
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  3. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    Thanks cissusnarea that was awesome,Those tips of the 12 daily reminders and not fearing the pain is very crucial to recovery. Also go back over this thread and read cissusnareas replies
    That's How it works, This is really a great thread

    You would do good also, to listen to Claire Weekes too healing1580 -- These will help you get a grip on the fear. http://www.tmswiki.org/forum/threads/claire-weekes-audio.2569/
    I had a bad reaction to a tic byte so I know the fear of a Bad reaction ok -- You will do good to get Sarnos Book back out and go over his protocol. You can get most of his protocol right here at the SEP http://www.tmswiki.org/ppd/Structured_Educational_Program

    Ok so here we go, Claire weekes for tonight, Sep starting tomorrow ok and look up other
    threads that resonate you.

    This is knowledge healing therapy ok So as you learn and Gain insight You will heal, its hard to believe But when you recondition your mind Your mind will heal your body.

    This is your rd to start. Im sure other responses would be great too. Don't believe for something to happen from outside the magic is within, you will heal with controlling your out of control thoughts. So this is the next step- Alan Gordon, Learn to recognize the inner critic and the bully. Pay special attention to the inner bully section 3.8

    Then it will just come to pass and you will know the truth
    The truth will set you free,
    That's it for now, thanks
    God Bless
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  4. 22mmmiller22

    22mmmiller22 New Member

    Dear all - I stumbled upon this forum by chance after googling "endless testicular pain". I am 29 and my pain is just stealing from my quality of life. Aside from the actual pain itself, its causing me low energy, depression, moodiness, etc. This has been going on for 10 years! Yes, about TEN years. Its on-and-off. Sometimes goes away for a few days, then comes back, etc. I have not been able to link it to anything really. Yes, my life is stressful, but sometimes it hurts when I'm stressed, sometimes it doesn't. It's driving me crazy! I have of course tried antibiotics, some beta blockers, anti-inflammatory, etc. Nothing. Ultrasounds never show anything remarkable and I can never pinpoint the exact location of the mail, just the general area. When its there, the pain varies from feeling of a tight rubberband tied around the spot or as if there's sandpaper in there! While I would never want to wish this on anyone, and I'm not happy that there are more people like me, I find some comfort knowing I'm not the only one! And this is first time in 10 years. I considered the TMS book before, I think I even read something quickly last year, but was not really impressed and didn't go into it too deeply. It's hard for me to accept that the pain is fake and I'm creating it myself. However, if someone here went through what I am going through for an extended period of time like me, and found relief in this, or anything else, please help me find a cure! Any information, tips, advice would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!
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  5. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    Healing 1580, if doctors and tests say your pelvic, etc. problems are not structural or physical,
    they must be TMS, from repressed emotions. Big first step to take in healing is to start writing
    a journal about your life, starting with your earliest memories. Our TMS cause usually goes way
    back to our childhood, with repressed emotions of anger, anxiety, fear, feelings of abandonment,
    being unloved. If we come up with examples from our past, we can begin to forgive others and ourselves.
    Then our symptoms go away. Maybe not instantly, but as we spend some time thought on our
    repressed emotions, the symptoms do go away.
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  6. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    I think you have tms if the Dr. didn't find anything. Theres been lots of post about this type of pain. You didn't create this pain intentionally, its just by default anytime you repress your emotions. You need learn what repression is and learn to accept this tms as the problem you have to overcome. Its about a life change, how you perceive things and how you react to situations. Do you have all things under control in your mind in your life? We can start there. Let us know , Bless You
  7. mleach

    mleach New Member

    22mmmiller22 - I too have had 4 extended bouts of testicular pain lasting 4-8 months over the past 10 years. I seem to have had longer pain free stretches in between than you have but that doesn't change my advice. I would confidently say your pain comes from chronic muscle tension. The muscle tension comes from tension in your mind. It's an endless cycle. You can call it TMS or chronic pelvic pain or anything you want but I've found a combination of doing TMS protocols like journaling and meditation plus daily yoga has greatly reduced my pain. The TMS work alone wasn't changing much for me but I added in daily yoga and started to rapidly improve. It's important to know you have no rare bacteria or structural problem and it can go away if you do the work and believe in this. I've been to only one Urologist who approaches pelvic pain as a non-urological condition and understands there's much more to it than bacteria or inflammation and his best advice is consistent exercise.
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  8. cirrusnarea

    cirrusnarea Well known member

    I suffered from chronic testicle pain for about 6 months, it was cured in about a week of finally accepting I have TMS. The pain did move to my back and I'm still battling that, but that's another story. The pain is not fake, it's just as real as any other pain. If your doctors are satisfied that nothing is physically wrong with you, this is the place for you. Read Dr. Sarno's books and stay on the forums if you have any questions. You will see results.
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  9. ricky26

    ricky26 New Member

  10. ricky26

    ricky26 New Member

    Suffering from chronic pelvic pain for over 10 years. I've posted this before so not to be repetitious, everyone in the medical profession felt it was back related since I had a specific condition and therefore endured 2 horrific back surgeries, and consequent addiction to pain meds. Now finally and thankfully close to detox. The pain meds alone have complicated all mind-body factors in my pain and healing. I'm extremely encouraged finally getting off these hellish drugs. I have excepted the TMS, MBS syndrome for over a year now. Yes, headache in the pelvis or rather migraine in my case is anaccurate description of the pain, in the perineum area, those pelvic floor muscles that all the doctors told me was The result of back problems. So, I've posted here before, but now since I'm nearly off the pain meds for the first time in 10 years, what do you experts out there recommend for me to do daily? I see so many different programs, SEP, Meditation, whatever that means, reread Dr Sarno's books, ?? I need to have some structure, some discipline as I've taken a leave of absence from work for three months to heal. Yes, I believe I will heal. But if any experienced experts or knowledgeable people could help steer me in the right direction, I must, must take it vantage of this time and get well to take care of my family and to live again. The pain meds alone have taken my life away in many respects. So now I deal with TMS, MBS without covering up symptoms anymore. Steve Ozanich has a good book I understand, and Dr. Scott Brady. But I need something concise and not overwhelming, since being overwhelmed is one of my psychological problems and my mind easily gets flooded with thoughts and emotions.
    Yes, a very accurate description for me, as described is my fear, frustration, anger at the symptoms as I lost the last 10 years of my life dealing with this, years I will never get back again. So, there is sadness and depression also, clear emotions for sure.
    My thoughts, and hopes are that my natural body will begin to heal my symptoms after finally being off the narcotic pain meds in the next week or two. But, this CPP is so much tension and anxiety driven, thus chronic, clinched pelvic floor muscles.
    I would appreciate advice, recommendations, direction as this is such a pivotal time in my life now. Thank you
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  11. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    Do the SEP program first, then The Alan Gordon program. Read Sarnos Heal your back pain book. Look up Steve ozanichs book and heal, bless you
  12. ricky26

    ricky26 New Member

    Thanks for the reply and info. I also
    Need to learn to post short and sweet after reading mine again. My weird way of journaling my journey of pain, but must learn to focus on healing part somehow
  13. georgethee

    georgethee Peer Supporter

    HI Ricky - Journal anyway you want, long , short doens't matter. Just keep journaling. As Eric suggests read Sarno's books, do the SEP and/or Alan's program find some success stories related to your issues and you will be on your way to heal.
    Goodluck in your journey.
  14. ricky26

    ricky26 New Member

    Thank you BUT Most challenging to find specific TMS info help and success stories on my particular affliction, chronic Pelvic Floor muscles pain. Some say just Pelvic pain but many different types. I've recently become SO discouraged that it's becomes nearly deabilitating. It is SO tension based, creating anxiety, fear, deep depression and back to cycle of pain. HOW to break this cycle of ultimate pain is more than mere TMS knowledge and finding hidden repressed emotion from years past. There must be more...
    But, I am in desperate mode now and must get my life back. as well as my children, back to work, etc. but most of all, my will to live again
  15. Spicemon72

    Spicemon72 Newcomer

    Post ejaculatory pain is a deterrent to have sex for me! And this is one of the symptoms that can cause one to doubt TMS. Burning, stabbing, tingling, numbness etc in the penis for years without knowing the cause could create suicidal thoughts. But the only thing that makes sense is TMS since doctors can't point to a cause. I am being patient.
  16. fedeschiavina_

    fedeschiavina_ Newcomer

    My name is Federico, I am 36 years old and I write from Italy..
    I have had pain in my right testicle for 2 years.
    Yes, I have done all possible tests, ultrasounds, urologists, osteopath, acupuncture, pain therapy.
    The pain started and the first visit was epididymitis, which I then immediately treated with antibiotics,
    But it is as if the pain remained.

    It's been 6 months since I discovered sarno and this forum, I read the two books by sarno and now I'm reading the book by alan gordon (very nice).

    I know in my heart that every time I've been better (i.e. with zero or slight pain) it hasn't been thanks to any physical therapy or drugs, but due to myself, only that this benefit has always lasted one day or two days .. then the pain returns .
    I don't have any swelling. When the pain is not high I try to train with some weights and I meditate every day.

    I can't help but be afraid because in all the books the testicles are never mentioned, and what scares me the most is that if I touch the upper part of the testicle it hurts to the touch and therefore I get scared and tell myself not to there is no part of the body that is as sensitive as the testicles which hurts to touch (for example back pain if one is in pain but you touch the back it's not that the pain increases)

    I can't get over this.
    In addition, it has stuck with me that urologists have told me that in rare cases after epididymitis the pain can last forever and surgeries may not relieve the pain.

    Yes I am a person with all the characteristics of tms, I also started a journey with a psychologist for EMDR because I had a childhood with some trauma.

    I'm also doing the writing in the notebook.

    How is my life now?! .
    I lived in a city and lived with my partner. But because of her pain she got fed up a few months ago and left me and took my dog away.

    I had to go back to another city and go back to live with my parents because this pain creates discomfort and fears for me.
    (I'm economically independent, fortunately I work remotely).

    I need some comfort, can the pain in the testicles also go away? .

    Thank you so much
  17. Cactusflower

    Cactusflower Beloved Grand Eagle

    Ever TMS symptom is the same- testicle, back pain, shoulder, toe. They are not your problem.
    Your issue is your fear.
    You became afraid of a pain.
    You became afraid because of one urologist.
    You let these fears control your mind.

    Read every entry in this thread. Pay close attention to what @Eric "Herbie" Watson has written. Claire Weeks books are for the anxiety (anxiety and fear are similar in many ways).
    “This is knowledge healing therapy ok So as you learn and Gain insight You will heal, it’s hard to believe But when you recondition your mind Your mind will heal your body.” - Herbie states this above.

    Do your EMDR.
    Follow Alan Gordon’s book
    Read over and over about fear in Alan’s book. Read Claire Weekes.
    Lift your weights, do things you love to do. somedays will be hard. Somedays will be ok.
    You must decide yourself that you will heal. It is a challenge, a mountain to climb.
    Retrain your mind.
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