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Thank you for showing an interest in participating in the Thank You, Dr. Sarno Project. This project is a fantastic way to show Dr. Sarno how much his work has meant to us. In honor of his retirement in April of 2012, we created a physical book of over 60 individual Thank You letters. The idea was to provide Dr. Sarno with a tangible object of what his life's work has achieved. We sent this book to him in May, and apparently he was quite touched.

Dr. Sarno with the physical book of Thank You letters

Since we presented Dr. Sarno with this book, we have continued to receive submissions to the project, most of which are posted on the Thank You, Dr. Sarno website. So, we are in the process of developing a second volume of Thank You letters. The following is a guide on how to develop and submit your contribution to the project. Again, these letters will also be displayed online on the Thank You, Dr. Sarno website, and may also be posted on the PTPN's Facebook Page, among other online venues.

Develop and Submit Your Contribution

The general purpose of this project is to create a photo book with a collection of images and brief thank you messages about how Dr. Sarno's ideas have helped us regain our lives back. You do not have to be completely recovered to submit a contribution. Our goal is to provide Dr. Sarno with a tangible object that will show just how many people's lives his work and ideas have changed. You can submit an image, a brief story, or both. Most people have submitted both an image and a message, but it is not necessary to do both. Simply submit whatever you are most comfortable with. If you wish to see other people's submissions to use as a reference, visit

Writing a Thank You Message

The Thank You message is designed to be a brief message expressing how Dr. Sarno's work has changed your life. It can be anywhere from a couple sentences to a couple paragraphs. This is your chance to speak directly to Dr. Sarno, and to let him know how TMS has changed your life. If you wish to sign the message, we strongly encourage you to use a pseudonym or your first name only, as this project will also be placed online to serve as a reference in the future.

Note: If you send a text message as part of an image file please make sure it is the highest resolution possible. All images may be re-sized during printing.

Choosing an Image

Feel free to choose any image that you see fit. Several people have submitted images of themselves doing some sort of activity, i.e. exercising, boating, ice-skating, but you could also submit a simple portrait of yourself. The idea is to collect a lot of photos of TMSers so Dr. Sarno will be able to put a face to all of the people he has helped. Permitted file types are .jpg and .jpeg. The maximum file size is 10 MB.

Note: The book will be 12 inches by 12 inches. The publisher recommends all images have a resolution of 2000 x 1700 pixels. If in doubt, just send what you have!

Submitting Your Contribution

All contributions should be submitted via email to . Once the Thank You, Dr. Sarno Project team receives your submission, you will receive an email form a member of the team notifying you that it has been received, and clarifying that you give permission for us to display your contribution online. If you know that you do not want your submission posted online, and only want it included in physical book for Dr. Sarno, please indicate this in your first email. If you have any questions at all about this project, please send an email to

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