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New to TMS - some helpful hints that I have used.

I am new to TMS, but not new to the process. Some of these things (below) are taken from a book called the "Effortless Sleep Method" by Sasha Stephens. It was the catalyst that help me conquer sleep problems. I just applied some of her information to TMS:

Sasha and TMS: 1) It’s psychological and behavioral – not physical. If it’s a mental problem, then it has a mental solution. a) We tend to focus on the negative – focus on positives/ gratitude b) What we focus on gets bigger – whatever you focus on will grow and dominate your thoughts and your life. No obsessing. c) Focus on emotions, not symptoms – journal. What is going on?

2) Ignore the pain or talk to it (brain)– tell it you know what is going on/get mad and then ignore. The more attention you give it, the worse it becomes.

3) Stop all pills and physical treatments for pain. By continuing, you make two powerful and negative assumptions: a) There is something wrong with me b) There is something external that can make me better

4) No negative talk! The more you talk about , associate, or identify with your problem, the worse it will become. The story you tell about your health will come true. No negative talk, obsessing about symptoms to yourself, in your mind, or to other people. Use affirmations, healing scriptures, etc.

5) No researching for cures or symptoms online. No buying more pills, remedies, etc. Close the laboratory! It just reinforces there is something physically wrong with you! The cure is not ‘out there’…it caused by your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. Feed it with fear it grows! There is NO instant miracle cure.

6) Rearranging your life around your pain and symptoms just holds it in its place. No special routines. The more you rearrange your life around your TMS/symptoms, the symptoms will become your life. Don’t shrink back from social settings and gatherings.

7) Exercise and meditate/relax every day! Gives your brain the oil it needs to shift gears so you’re not stuck.

8) Journal your journey. Use EFT or a counselor.