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It had been a gruling 2 years for me and i was just coming off losing a lot of money on a bad contractor trade. I was really stressed and hurt emotionally. I never knew i could take control of emotions that seemed to have a life of there own. The Two (2) years turned out to be the hardest in my life but also the best, i learned not to take life for granted- learn to be at peace instead of tense all the time-loose all unforgivness-trust yourself that your capable to always, no matter what age over acheive. oh i can say this now, im healed and i thank you all but really i couldnt even get out of bed for years and years, yes it got that bad but im here to say its over. all that lost time dealing with emotions when really i didnt have to. i learned many beutiful concepts on how to heal with Dr. sarnos book healing back pain being at the forfront, then we never forget our friend steve-i guess if he addedthe folks hes helped , well thats hard to add. we have to be aware of our precious time and go at the program with full belief and tenacity to kill a biffalo in calmness and youll win.learn how, i did along with thousnds of others. i thought at first is this a gamble since my last decade i have taught and healed with the word and mind and body but i never knew your system responded to words that way, it intriqed mr- id been doing it the whole time right under my own nose-hum, something you will learn about at tmswiki too. usually to make the best of our lives and we can choose any time to work all that time in right-really we thank god for our ups and douns-youll see what i mean when you start your journey so since ive been healed after 25 yrs total of severe back pain and anxiety. The sky is the limit ya know and here i am with promises to fill to myself-see we can loose sight of the best blessing we have, our health and i did-we stop there when we see the pain and we reverse it then with the tms healing therapy-its helped me get my life back and im different now-i see the green grass and the pretty blue sky. i can feel the hope and courage again to do anything i want-i have the world at my tips and i work thoe tips-its all the LOA ya know.I have gotten rid of a torn rotater cuff (20) yrs-hurt big toe (12) yrs...feet burning 25 Yrs and a lower lumber problem with pain radiateing all over my back (16) yrs plus (10) more cause i had awful sciatica the whole time- thats a total of 25 yrs sciatica because - im 41 now and i see only possiblites where as before it was fear talking in my heart-I cant say thank you enough to all those that decided here to share a word of wisdom with me. I didnt count it at first cause the pain was always a 2 or 3 ya know the 10 yr sciatica battle but any pain is no good in my book or anyone elses i know.- i am healed of migraine issues too-ive read three of sarnos books ,steves book (the great pain deception),peale,hill,carniegie,murphy,bristol,and now im persuing claire weekes.if any one needs help im here,im still learning because in reality tms healing is a journey of life.


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