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This website was founded on the notion of "paying it forward." Rather than trying to "pay someone back" for the way that learning about TMS has change your life, you can "pay it forward," and help someone else in the same way that you were helped. If you feel like you have been helped by books about TMS or free information that you've found on the internet, you can "pay it forward" by adding to the TMS Wiki, a completely free resource created by volunteers and operated by the PPD/TMS Peer Network, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization. As Dr. Sarno gets older (he's 86!), websites like this will help carry his legacy forward into the next century. Dr. Sarno writes that "information is the penicillin for this disorder." We can use this wiki like a "free TMS book," reading the wiki over and over and, when inspired, even adding to it as a way of healing ourselves. There are two equally important ways you can help out: by participating in our community and by donating to our organization. We value both of these equally.

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How to Participate

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The core principle for helping out at the wiki is to do what excites you. Everyone is different, and will enjoy volunteering for different projects. Whether you want to start your own support group, write letters to your doctor, or simply edit the wiki, all forms of volunteerism are helpful. The following are some main ways people have helped out in the past.

  • Join our Forum
  • Drop-in Chat Moderator: The drop-in chat moderator helps facilitate the PTPN's weekly drop-in chat.
  • Webinar Moderator: Webinar moderators help run the chat room portion of special webinar events and relay any questions raised in the chatroom to the webinar's host.
  • Practitioner Survey Response Team Member: The Practitioner Survey Response Team is in charge of posting practitioners' professional survey responses on the Wiki. Members of the team also add that practitioner's information to the Find a Practitioner list.
  • PPD/TMS Support Group Organizer: In the past, the PTPN's members have organized several in-person support groups both in the United Kingdom and in Boston, Massachusetts. As our community continues to expand, so will the need for other local chapters. The Support Group Organizer may start a local chapter, or can opt to take a leadership role by organizing meetings in an existing chapter.
  • Q&A Liaison: Our Q&A with an Expert program contains detailed answers by TMS practitioners addressing common TMS-related questions. Q&A Liaisons work closely with practitioners, identifying and then proposing questions for practitioners to respond to.
  • TMS Wiki Editor: The TMS Wiki consists of over 600 pages, however this only a fraction of the amount of pages we can have on TMS and mindbody symptoms. Wiki editors create, write, and edit wiki pages. In this role you will help develop the content of our website, and ensure that people have access to the information they need to recover.

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Financial Support


Donating to our organization allows us to keep the TMS Wiki up and running, as well as develop new programs, such as the drop in chat and TMS webinars. All donations go directly to covering our program expenses, which primarily consists of server, hosting, and licensing fees. ALL DONATIONS TO THE PPD/TMS PEER NETWORK ARE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE, AS WE ARE A 501(c)(3) PUBLIC CHARITY.

For more information on donations visit How to Donate

DISCLAIMER: The TMS Wiki is for informational and support purposes only and does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment recommendations. See Full Disclaimer.