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In this week's update Monte discusses the need to accept that chronic pain is a result of our inner tensions. He suggests that we are the one's responsible for our pain or other chronic illnesses. My question is how does accepting that we are responsible make you feel, and how does it change the way you go about your treatment? Monte says we need to “stop waiting for something or someone to come along and cure” us. I find this to be an empowering statement. The TMS cure is not found in a book or another person, but found within ourselves. We have the necessary tools to be cured we just need to uncover them and use them. I wonder how other people have taken responsibility of their treatment and how that has helped in their recovery. Lastly, do you agree with Monte about the need to stop reading TMS books?

Monte Hueftle Update – May 28th

Hello Everyone;

Surrender is a big, huge deal in helping you heal from TMS pain.

Surrender means to bring to an end the fight or struggle. In many ways in can be seen as anegative.

In healing from TMS pain it doesn't mean to give up or quiton your path to heal.It actually means to open up and accept or acknowledge your own responsibility for creating inner tension and your own responsibility for reversing the psychological dynamics of this disorder. You influence each of these significantly.

In the state of surrender, where you accept your responsibility and you give upyour fightwith this pain disorder, you engage a positive and creative force within yourself that has tremendous therapeutic value.

I see, hear and read surrender everyday in letters, emails and personal consultations with many of you. When I do, I know that you are really on your way to healing from this disorder.

What does it mean to surrender in healing from TMS?

I'll try to take you there. One of the biggest benefits that I provide in my personal consultations is getting a person to understand, accept and take personal responsibility for healing from this disorder. Get it out of your mind that you are going to stop your pain by just reading a book. And get it out of your head that as soon as you discover your repressed emotions your pain will end. Stop waiting for someone or something to come along and cure you. It is not going to happen within this pain disorder that way. This is a chronic pain disorder caused by chronic behavior & thought patterns that are generating inner tension and repressing emotions. Realize only you can reverse these patterns.

When you genuinely understand and accept these truths you surrender to the struggle and fight and you also stop waiting for someone or thing to fix you.

Now in this new, powerful and creative state you:

Sincerely Think Psychological because you know that this breaks the pain strategy.

Journal because you know that this simple practice opens you up.

Think Clean because it creates new allowing patterns and you like that feeling.

You engage in Guided Imagery because it helps you get in touch with your emotions.

Work with your Therapist for their insight & guidance to help you help yourself, not fix you.

You practice Root Lock because it brings you balance and takes you out of your chronic thoughts.

All of these practices or techniques when done in a state of surrender and acceptanceallow you to be more pure and open; therefore the healing effect is powerful. When these practices are used as a way to overcome some obstacle or something that is wrong they are significantly weakened.

Stay the course and genuinely practice from the powerful state of surrender.

Monte Hueftle

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