Tips on Writing a Letter to your Doctor

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General advice on writing letters to your doctor / Health Insurance

When making a communication in which you want to "influence" someone there are 3 things which should be included:

  • "Attention-grabber"

(e.g. a sentence which tells that "I'm now cured of xxx")
  • Details explaining the message you want to get across

e.g. explaining about your illness, about TMS, what it is
  • "Call for Action"

- a specific request so that the reader knows what is expected of them. So explaining how you got better and what TMS is and just leaving it at that may not get the result you wanted. Before writing the letter you should think about the reason you are writing it, and what you would like your doctor to do as a result of reading the letter. Then make that into a specific, clear request at the end of the letter.

When you've written your letter, get someone else to read it, bearing these 3 points in mind - particularly the last one. Ask them if you think the request is clear, and if it is going to achieve what you think the purpose of your letter is.

HilaryN writes: "For example, when I wrote a letter I decided I was writing it because I wanted the doctors to recommend Sarno to other patients and so I put that in my request."

Example Letters

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