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The following is a sample letter written by Sandy, which she sent to her own physician. Feel free to use it as a template in writing to your own physician.

Sandy's Example Letter

January 19, 2013

Doctors Name and Address

Dear Doctor ___________,

As of today, I no longer have ___________________________.

I believe my healing has come from utilizing a multi-faceted approach of various methodologies which I know you support. As I stated in my August 20 letter to you, my current level of recovery continued to improve by reading The Divided Mind by Dr. John Sarno. I never dreamed I would find even the slightest physical relief from pain, from simply reading yet another book about pain management. I did.

It seems I have now found the missing piece of the puzzle for me, to a life-time of pain. Therefore, if there is any possible benefit to others, now suffering the same or similar pain, I would be happy to share what worked for me. I feel I could share my story in a 15 minute presentation to your staff.

Here’s a brief summary of where I am today. I have slowly gone off taking the maximum dose of Tizanidine/Zanaflex. I have slowly gone off taking the maximum dose of Gabapentin. I am not taking any Zanax. I am not taking any Amitriptyline. I am not taking any Hydroxyzine. I am not taking any pain medication.

All my pain is completely gone including acid reflux, tailbone pain, TMJ and others. Additionally, I have had bouts of depression on and off all my life…. Now I have none.

As a result of my personal experiences, I would like to help others by opening a window of thought and discussion about a possible contributing factor to Interstitial Cystitis and pelvic pain for others. I’m sure it’s neither an original thought, nor do I have any special insights or a miracle cure, but I can articulate the specifics of my recovery… not paraphrased in a book or studied by an outside observer…. I’ve lived it!

If you agree, I’d be happy to make a 15 minute presentation to your staff.

I sincerely appreciate all you have done in the past to help me move down this road of recovery. Please consider my request.


Cell #
Email address

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