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Adding a review or testimonial

For simplicity, let's assume that you want to add a review to the book, Healing Back Pain. The first step is to create an account for yourself on the wiki and log on. The second step is to add your review as a new thread at the bottom of the Healing Back Pain page. The videos below show you how to do this--for now all that you need to know is that your subject heading should start with "Review: " (note the ":" at the end). Once you have done this, the third step is for you (or someone else) to add a link to your review (possibly along with a quotation from your review or summary of it) in the main wiki page about the book.

If you wish to make a testimonial about a TMS professional rather than a review of a TMS book or other piece of media, the only difference is that your subject heading should start with "Testimonial: " rather than "Review: "

Reasons for doing reviews in this manner:

  • We want to keep the main text of the wiki as objective and factual as possible (see "the voice of the wiki" for details). However, because your review would be in a discussion thread, you could let your own personal opinions, experiences and personality shine through, making the review all the more compelling
  • The main wiki page can always contain the full text of the review. However, if the review is very long, the main wiki page can contain a more concise summary of the review, and the reader can decide whether to click the link and read the full review.
  • As the wiki grows, we may get so many reviews that they start cluttering up the page. It doesn't seem appropriate to edit someone else's review to make it more concise, but one can edit someone else's summary of a review (perhaps reducing it to just a link, even).
  • While anyone can edit the main page, you will be the only one who would be able to edit your own review. As the wiki grows larger and has more and more editors, having your review "locked" like this is an important protection.
  • For more reasons why our reviews and testimonials are handled like this, read about How Wikipedia inspired our testimonial policy.

Video tutorials

Because the third step of creating a testimonial or review involves making a link to a discussion thread, which can be a little technically challenging, there are other editors who can do that step for you. Because some people may want to do the step themselves and others may not, each reviewer only needs to watch one of the following two videos. (Though you are welcome to watch both if it makes you more comfortable.)

The quick and easy way of posting a review or testimonial

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