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The PEAR Process, by Olivia Stefanino, is an audio program that guides you through five steps to emotional wellness. The five steps are:

  1. Expression of anger, hurt or grief
  2. Forgiveness
  3. Acceptance
  4. Unconditional love
  5. Letting go

The word "PEAR" is an acronym for "Personal Enlightenment And Release."

The official website for the PEAR Process is Note that the prices are listed in pounds and may be more expensive outside of the UK. To see the conversion rate, click here.

TMS Wiki member AriesLady has written about the Pear Process that

I find that the CD of the PEAR Process is very good. It is very relaxing and helpful if you are stressed about life and people in our life, or our past, and it is a great way of getting rid of emotional baggage. Also a great help in forgiving ourselves.

Georgie Oldfield, a chartered physiotherapist from the UK, recommends the PEAR process. Georgie is a dedicated TMS activist who has her own website, DVD, CD, and recovery program. She contributes her time to the wiki's Q&A with an Expert program, has completed our survey, and has offered to respond to discussion threads made on her profile page. She also has written a detailed review of the PEAR process. It is included here in its entirety:

I actually came across the PEAR process before I found out about TMS and it was only after having worked with patients with TMS for a few months that I realized how well this technique aligned itself with the work I was doing with my patients.

We all know that part of the recovery from TMS is to acknowledge our repressed emotions, which is why we encourage people to offload by journaling. Acknowledging these emotions and linking them to our symptoms means theoretically that we don't need to be distracted from them any more by our symptoms.

Research into journaling though has demonstrated that the beneficial results are improved if people not only offload about how they feel, but gain perspective about what happened. This can therefore result in an acceptance and the ability to ‘let go' of the negative emotion that has had such a hold on them.

This is where the PEAR process comes in because it takes the listener through a process that allows them to offload verbally, but then leads them through forgiveness and letting go so that they can move on. It's all done as a form of guided visualization on the CD's, but once learned it's something that can then be undertaken by an individual on their own.

There are two CDs, one of which takes you through the Relationship process which helps you let go of the anger, hurt or grief you feel towards someone else and the other is an Individual process when can let go of anything you need to forgive yourself for.

I have recommended these CDs to a number of patients, most of whom have found them to be a very helpful way to let go of some of their repressed emotions. Some people find journaling a challenge and find it difficult to either know what to write and/or feel the emotion while they write. The PEAR process is one way where you can voice how you feel, rather than write it down, but it takes you through a similar process of offloading your anger/hurt/grief by saying anything you want, without the fear of someone reacting badly. It then takes you through the stages of forgiveness, acceptance, love and letting go.

For those people who find it difficult to visualize it can be difficult, although visualization can improve with practice, it certainly has with me. Some people also find it difficult to move straight onto forgiveness immediately after experiencing sometimes powerful emotions while offloading, whereas with journaling you can work towards that in your own time. Having said that, this can be done a step at a time each time you go through the process.

The feedback from my own patients has been very positive and nearly all have found it a useful tool on their recovery journey from TMS. The bonus track is another guided visualization where you find yourself letting go of the old you and welcoming the new joyous, vibrant you. Patients have found this track to be a very beneficial way to let go of any negative emotions after journaling so that they start their day, or even end it, on a positive note. I certainly find this track to be a lovely way to recharge my batteries, restoring a positive energy to my day.

Georgie Oldfield MCSP

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