The "Standard Disclaimers" for online TMS advice

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This page is designed to be linked to by people who are neither medical nor mental health professionals but are posting in an online forum and want to include very important disclaimers about what they can and can't offer the reader.

As Dr. John Sarno writes on page xii of Healing Back Pain, "Pain syndromes must always be properly studied to rule out serious disorders such as cancer, tumors, bone disease and many other conditions. If one has persistent pain anywhere, it is imperative to see a doctor so that appropriate examinations and tests can be done." Therefore, if you are suffering from chronic pain, it is imperative that you get advice from a licensed doctor before assuming that the pain is TMS. Whoever sent you here isn't a doctor, but they are pretty sure that undiagnosed cancer is a very big problem.

No one can offer medical or mental health advice based on a forum post or an email. Making a diagnosis of TMS requires taking a detailed history and physical examination as well as reviewing relevant medical records and radiological and laboratory studies when indicated. Likewise, the process of psychotherapy can take a very long time and often relies on nonverbal cues that are not present in an online post or email. In both cases, the interpretation of the information requires professional training and experience that whoever linked you to this page simply doesn't have.

The bottom line is that whoever has linked to this page is not medical or mental health professional. They can speak about their own experience or gut feelings, but they are not giving you medical or mental health advice. If you would like medical or mental health advice, you need to contact a licensed doctor or mental health practitioner.

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