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We are not online privacy experts at the TMS Wiki, but we do have some ideas that you may want to bear in mind. Please read the following very carefully:

  • Many people regard it as a good idea to never disclose personally identifiable information in a public space on the internet. Given that TMS often involves very personal information, you may want to be especially careful here. There is nothing wrong with coming up with an online nickname and using it online rather than your own nickname. ForestForTrees does this, for example ("Forest" is just a nickname, not his given name).
  • It is difficult, if not impossible, to make information "go away" on a wiki because wikis generally store all past versions of every page.
  • We aren't lawyers, so this isn't legal advice, but our understanding is that from a legal perspective, you cannot claim any expectation of privacy on a public web site like a forum or a wiki, simply because it is a public space. For example, the internet archive attempts to archive much of the internet constantly, allowing people to search the web back through time using their "Wayback Machine." It can legally do this because every page of the internet that doesn't require a password is considered a public forum.

For more information, read

If you have made a user account using your real name and now regret doing so, you can do the following:

  1. [a Site|cancel your membership in this wiki] using your old account (this won't delete your account, but it will remove it from our list of members)
  2. start a new account using a name that offers more privacy.
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