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This is a working document for the research into choosing and developing a new forum software provider. The information on this page will be updated regularly until the new forum is launched. You are welcome to voice your opinion and your thoughts on the new forum on the talk page.

Forum Software Providers

There are three different products that the PTPN is currently researching. They include:

Our Demo Example: Their Support Forum Additional Example
Invision Power

The following product has a different look and feel, and while it isn't as powerful as the above ones, we haven't completely ruled it out:

We had been investigating the following product, but have since decided that because it isn't as polished and professional as the other products, it wouldn't represent our site as well as they would:

For more details about the different software products and the degree to which they do or do not meet the needs that we have identified, please visit TMSWiki:Forum_Comparisons/Details.