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Books, DVDs, and workbooks can be a great resource for TMS patients and have a significant impact on a person's recovery. While the wiki has several pages for specific books only a few of these are considered complete and at an acceptable level of quality. We strongly encourage any additions to book pages.

Suggested Content

  • Include the author's name, publisher and date the work was published
  • Write a brief summary of the work and describe how it relates to TMS
  • Links to,, and Wikipedia's ISBN pages.
  • If possible include a table of contents in the page
  • One of the most beneficial aspects to add is reviews of the book. Quality reviews make the pages substantially better.
  • Some books are available on Google books in their entirety or as a preview. If possible add this to the page.
  • About the author information can be extremely helpful in letting users know more about the work
  • Add any information about works the book cites or other works that cite the book
  • It can be helpful to add any media coverage or spotlights of the book. Some talk show hosts do specials on certain self-help books, and create training programs for these books. Adding this information can provide credibility and notoriety to the book.
  • Reviews of the book by TMSers

Where to Find Content

  • is a great place to find book information, customer reviews, and book citations
  • Google Books provides previews and some times complete books for free online
  • Some authors have their own web pages that provide great biographical information
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