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Dr. Scott Brady is the founder and Director of the Brady Institute for Health at Florida Hospital in Celebration, Florida. Dr. Brady has spent the last decade developing his holistic, non-invasive, mind-body-spirit treatments for chronic or recurrent pain. Dr. Brady has practiced Emergency Medicine and Urgent Care Medicine throughout Central Florida for over fifteen years. He is the Administrator and Senior Medical Director of Florida Hospital's sixteen Centra Care urgent care clinics. Knowing his unique position as an emerging leader in developing mind-body-spirit techniques to counter pain, Florida Hospital provided him with high-profile facilities to pursue his work at Celebration, Florida, the model Disney community. Dr. Brady established the Brady Institute for Health there in 2000. (Source)

Dr. Brady refers to TMS as Autonomic Overload Syndrome (AOS), but the explanation that he gives for AOS is fundamentally the same explanation that Dr. Sarno gives for TMS. (Scott Brady. Pain Free for Life. New York: Hachette Book Group. 2006.)

Dr. Brady is also the author of the book Pain Free for Life, which outlines the treatment methods he has used to cure people of chronic back pain and other chronic illnesses. The book features a unique section on spirituality and how it affects a person's AOS/TMS as well as their overall health. The article “Scott Brady and Spirituality” further explores the connection between chronic illnesses and spirituality made in Dr. Brady's book.

Contact Information

901 N. Lake Destiny Road
Suite 400
Maitland, Florida 32751
(407) 876-1888

If you would like to book Dr. Brady to speak for conferences, corporate events, church gatherings, or other events, please contact:
Florida Hospital Publishing
c/o Stephanie Rick, Sales and Marketing Manger
683 Winyah Drive
Orlando, Florida 32803

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