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The SIRPA Cure Pain Introductory Course was developed by Georgie Oldfield, MCSP, founder of SIRPA, in 2016. It is designed primarily to provide information, guidance, strategies, and support to benefit people in their recovery from chronic pain and other TMS/PPD symptoms. This is also the first mandatory step in SIRPA’s Cure Pain Practitioner Training Program for health professionals and coaches.

This is a two-day course and costs £247.00 (as of April 2016).

What's Included?

Among other things, the SIRPA Cure Pain Introductory Course provides participants with a comprehensive knowledge of the research and pain science behind TMS/PPD. It is an opportunity to learn experientially the neurophysiological approach to pain recovery.

The course will cover:

  • How to identify specific symptoms (past and present) and their underlying causes, as well as identifying triggers, emotional crutches and conditioned responses.
  • Identifying the causes of day to day self-induced stress, and consider ways to deal with them efficiently
  • Harnessing the mind to help overcome conditioned responses, desensitize the pain cycle, deal with current stressors and help in the recovery process
  • Hearing from previous clients about how they recovered and finding out what helped them
  • Experiential use of self-empowering strategies to acknowledge and process unresolved emotions and boost stress resilience
  • Identifying and implementing additional self-empowering strategies to help replace any unhealthy programming for; more supportive nerve pathways, achieving goals and learning to respond (rather than automatically react) when triggered
  • Use of SIRPA’s House of Health to consider what areas of their lives might benefit from addressing to boost their general health and wellbeing

There will also be a delegate pack containing further resources and a list of additional books that may be helpful for any further personal development.

Additional Benefits

People who sign up for SIRPA’s Cure Pain Introductory Course will also have access to a clear developmental pathway whether they are suffering pain themselves or wanting to integrate this approach with their own work. Everyone attending the course will receive a delegate pack which includes a pdf of all the slides.

For more information, testimonials by previous participants, and how to enroll on this Introductory Course, please visit the Cure Pain Introductory Course page on the SIRPA Website.

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