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Peg Hanson

Peg Hanson earned a degree in Nursing from Northeastern University in 1980, and worked as a nurse in multiple settings including: Intensive Care, Labor and Delivery, Occupational Health, Community Health Centers, Home Care and Family Practice. After overcoming her own battle with chronic pain she began to educate other people on the TMS/PPD approach.

Peg Hanson is the treasurer of the TMS Working Group. She has been a core editor of the TMS Wiki and attended the 1st Annual TMS conference held in Ann Arbor in 2009. Peg has played a vital role in organizing the Question & Answer program, and continues to help spread awareness about TMS. Peg was also an original member of the TMS Working Group, and part of the PR Committee which transformed that group into the Psychophysiologic Disorders Association (PPDA).

Peg's original TMS Wiki profile can be found here.

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