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Some Ideas for the What is TMS? Page

No surgery, no epidural injections and no painkillers.

How to rid yourself of back pain forever with no drugs and no surgery:

1) buy Healing Back Pain

2) read it

3) enjoy the rest of your life

In some cases psychotherapy may be needed to help overcome TMS. In order to avoid costly fees here's a free beginners guide to psychology:

If it's not your mum's's your dad's!


But - MY pain is REAL

If you get a pain in your chest, throw up, sweat, blush, shake, faint, yawn, cry, or have an upset stomach, are all those things "In Your HEAD"? Of course not, they are all very real physical things than can and do happen to our bodys. If I fainted and you told me it was all in my head I'd be insulted, obviously.

But, hold on though, what about the following?

  • Pain in your chest could be caused by missing a loved one, or stress
  • Throwing up could happen if you saw or thought of something disgusting
  • Sweating or upset stomach could be caused by nerves
  • Blushing could be caused by embarassement
  • Fainting could be a result of receiving bad news
  • When you're sad tears might roll down your cheeks
  • Yawns are catching
  • Not to mention a variety of physical things that happen to us because of sexual attraction!

So, the mind and emotions can and do cause physical changes in our bodies. Now we know and accept that is it such a huge jump to entertain the idea that some pain could be caused by stress and tension?

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