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The Online SIRPA Recovery Programme was developed by Georgie Oldfield, MCSP, founder of SIRPA. It is designed to provide information, guidance, strategies, and support that is necessary for people to recover from chronic pain. The entire program normally takes about five weeks, but participants are encouraged to work through the program at whatever pace works best for them. The program costs £187.00 (as of April 2014, this translates to $314.78 in US dollars and approximately $339.40 in Australian dollars).

What's Included?

Among other things, the online SIRPA Recovery Programme provides participants with an 8-chapter online manual. It begins with an in-depth self assessment, which helps identify specific symptoms (past and present) and their underlying causes, as well as triggers, emotional crutches, conditioned responses, etc. Following the self-assessment, the other chapters in the manual address topics such as:

  • How to become more emotionally aware
  • How to use journaling to help “identify, acknowledge, accept and release” the associations that certain memories create
  • Identifying the causes of self-induced stress, and finding ways to to deal with it efficiently
  • Harnessing the mind to help overcome conditioned responses, cope with stressors, and help in the recovery process
  • Identifying and implementing additional strategies to help exchange any unhealthy programming for more supportive programs, achieve goals, learn to respond (rather than react) when triggered, and overall live a more health-enhancing life.

The final chapter of the manual provides additional suggestions to help people continue their recovery process. There will also be a list of additional books or courses that may be helpful for any further personal development.

In addition to the manual there are a number of interactive worksheets, downloadable strategies, FAQ, a list of reaffirmation statements, plus a forum where you can post questions to each other and which Georgie Oldfield will visit frequently to answer any specific questions.

Additional Benefits
People who sign up for the Recovery Programme will also have access to a number of interactive worksheets, downloadable strategies, frequently asked questions, and a list of reaffirmation statements. Participants also are able to participate in a forum, which Georgie Oldfield will frequently visit to answer specific questions. Additionally, those who are enrolled in the Online Recovery Programme can download (free of charge) audio files as well as the Journaling for Health e-book, typically worth £42 (as of April 2014, this translates to $70.70 in US dollars and $76.23 in Australian dollars).

For more information, testimonials by previous participants, and how to enroll in this program, please visit the Online SIRPA Recovery Programme Website.

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The information presented here was found at the SIRPA website, or was provided by Georgie Oldfield.

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