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Here is the next Monte Hueflte update that he has been kind enough to allow us to post. In this update, entitled Practice Creating the Outcome, Monte explains the importance of thinking about how you want to feel, instead of thinking about our TMS pain. Monte urges us to start denying our old chronic thought patterns and begin to create new ones that are open and non-restrictive. As I was reading the update I was wondering how other people think positively when they are in pain. How do you think about being pain-free when your body is in extreme pain? Also, if our TMS pain is a signifier of some repressed emotion we are ignoring, does creating positive thoughts mean we are ignoring our repressed emotions and thus continuing the cycle of pain? If you have any thoughts about this let us know by continuing the thread.

Monte Hueftle Update: March 11

Hello Everyone:

Quite often we speak about being truthful with our self as a way of opening up & allowing.

We also have discussed being present, being in the now as a way of allowing in the moment and to keep our self from going into chronic behavior and thinking patterns of repression that are so often in the past and/or future thinking patterns.

We have trained our self to tell it like it is.

In the previous update we discussed using strategies like:

What if right now I was perfectly healthy in my body...what would I be thinking...


Wouldn't it be nice if right now I was...

These strategies help us get out of old chronic thinking and into new patterns--we start creating new thoughts and feelings from a better place while ignoring our present "pain"reality.

Sometimes people suggest, "Well, isn't this denying what I am supposed to be feeling? Aren't I supposed to feel what is going on right now?" In this case? No.

What I want you to realize is that you are creating right now in this moment with your thought/behavior patterns--old ones or new ones! If you are in your old chronic patterns that are closed-off, restricting and non-allowing (your body is feeling this also) then yes you should be aware of this and immediately redirect into - "What if right now I was feeling perfect, then what would I be doing/thinking/feeling" This is where you want to be creating from...this gives you the opportunity to be more open & allowing in your thoughts (your body feels this also).

If you are on a path of old chronic thinking/behavior patterns that are (stuck, closed-off, denying, restricting, repressing, non-allowing)? Do you think you can have a successful outcome that has your body feeling (open, free, allowing and non-restrictive)? You can't! It just doesn't work that way. You get what you communicate.

So yes, start denying the old chronic patterns and start creating the new patterns. It is our choice to create from the current reality of (pain, frustration, struggle) --Doesn't sound like much fun -- Or begin creating from a little better place--more from the place where we want to be (physical activity without pain, sitting without discomfort, living without always focused on fear of pain).

Put yourself in a place where you are thinking and then feeling what you would be thinking and feeling if all was well. Let that be your starting place of creating. This is the work.

Now do this without being focused on the outcome (when is this going to work, do I feel better yet) crap that keeps you stuck.

Healing from this disorder is about being aligned right now. It is about redirecting and aligning your thoughts to be open and allowing and non-restrictive right now--this is the healing process or practice. All of your power/energy is now and right now you are in the practice, you are in the work of creating/communicating. When you go to - "where is my successful outcome, is this really working, when am I going to be pain-free" you lose your power of now and you give your energy or your focus back to this pain disorder--It has you.

Make your healing path a practice of creating the outcome versus looking for and waiting for and being frustrated about when is the successful outcome going to come.

Stay the course,

Monte Hueftle

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Monte Hueftle

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