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Hello Everyone,

Holiday Emotional Energy – Working with or against.

Why, when people go on adiet to lose weight, do they often regain the lost weight back plus extra pounds? They reward themselves when they reach their goal byreleasing their discipline and knowledgeof diet/nutrition andthey return to their oldeating habits.

In TMS you should not learn and practice how to heal the physical pain in your body for one goal, becoming pain free, because that assumes that once your goal is met, all the practice of thinking psychological, thinking clean, becoming more present and learning about your emotional energy can now be discontinued. This is how so many get stuck, plateau, fall back, continue searching, begin doubting, and prolong the tms pain cycle.

This is why I repeatedly state thefollowing truth.TMS is a realphysical pain disordercaused by our daily moment-to-moment chronic patterns of behavior and thought that are: 1. Generating inner tension and 2. Repressing emotional energy.This disorder is not just happening to you because of something in your past or the way your brain is wired!

In healing & living with TMS you learn and practice being more aware, making changes to old tension generating patterns and bringing daily mindfulness into your life because they represent significant changes in the way energy is communicated throughout your entire being (nervous/emotional/mental and physical systems.) At some point the goal of just healing your body is replaced by you accepting to be more open, allowing and balanced in many areas of your life. You will know that you have made a profound shift in yourhealing attitudewhen suddenback spasms, burning butt pain or sharpsciaticasensations are no longer required to get your attention and motivate you to change, but instead an attraction to thinking clean, acting more balanced and living more mindful is inspiration enough to move you forward.

Pre-Holiday Strategy:

As we move through the next couple of holiday months (higher than normal inner tension for many) a great practice that will help diffuse emotional energy and keep if from manifesting into pain ispre-big-eventjournaling. Before you enter into the family, work or relationship drama, journal about your present feelings, expectations and fears. Be investigative, curious, open and truthful with yourself in this practice andfollow through on your intuitive guidance that will follow.

  • What is in the past that you need to let go of? Are you going to forgive and let go or stuff it in and hold on to it?

Your need to“get even”with those who punished you, holding onto resentments and the desire for vengeancekeeps you tied to your past more tightly than any personal trauma you have experienced. That statement alone is worth thinking about, investigating and journaling from! Journal within the following underlined words to help clean up the past so that you can begin to live more in the present.

  • Who do youblameand why?
  • What do youdeserveand why?
  • Where and with whom do you haveguilt?
  • Has life beenfairto you?
  • Who is atfaultin your life?

The intention is this journaling exercise is to initiate the practice of forgiveness.

Why? Our healing is greatly amplified when we are present. Remember, healing is a present time activity andto live in the present the practice of forgiveness is essential. Without forgiveness, you will remainanchored in your past(blame, deserve, guilt, fair, fault).This is not an easy practice, but neither is living in the past!

Our big-event-day/week practice

Our intention is to have as much of our energy present with us as we can. This is versus having it scattered at work, home, relationships, parents, money, the past and the future.

When we are present or mindful in our everyday life moments,we are less likely to be generating inner tension and repressing emotional energyand more likely to be creating and maintaining patterns that are more open, balanced, aligned and free. A big part of this is simply having your energy (attention/focus) on the people you are with or on what activity you are engaged in. As we discuss in personal consultations, bring this type of mindfulness to your everyday mindless activities (driving the car, taking a shower, breathing, walking, cleaning the house, waiting in line) first and then this will evolve into more challenging areas of your life easier. You can also bring mindfulness into your present moment thinking patterns. When you are stuck in frustration or headed down a path of creating stress, stop and ask yourself a question;How can I be in this situation and be more open? or What if (reframe your current worry or obstacle as working out perfectly) then how would I feel, what would I be thinking then? –These mindful questions will allow you to deliberately choose a new, more open, more flexible pattern to engage in. Another method that will help you stay in the present is to change your“past”vocabulary. Piggyback on the journaling exercise we discussed earlier and cut out those five words and everything they imply:deserve, blame, fair, guilt, fault. It is much more difficult to fall into old emotional patterns when you choose not to use those words in your internal thoughts and in your communication with others.

Living in the present momentprovides you the power to change your pain body and your life. Seize that power!

Stay the course,

Monte Hueftle

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