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ForestforTrees founded the TMSWiki after overcoming several decades of chronic pain with the help of key contributors including: Tpunk1, HilaryN123, pandamonium09, Peghanson, TMSAndrew, MatthewNJ, mizlorinj, andEnrique.Pasos. He also founded the TMS Educational Working Group, which organized the second TMS conference, and later renamed itself as the Psychophysiologic Disorders Association (PPDA).

Forest briefly presented the TMS Wiki at the first TMS Conference, and during the session entitled, Working Together to Create the Next Steps, he was mandated to create the TMSCore wiki, which served as a medium for TMS professionals to organize and discuss TMS/PPD related ideas. As activity on the TMSCore wiki faded, Forest created the TMS Educational Working group to take its place. In addition Forest maintains two mailing lists for TMS/PPD professionals, and organizes teleconferences for TMS/PPD therapists.

Forest was a key organizer of the second TMS/PPD conference, serving as its MC and working tightly with the primary organizer, Alan Gordon. He is currently in the process of incorporating the TMSWiki into a 501(c)(3) organization. (Source)

ForestforTrees Wiki Profile (includes his recovery story)

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