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Please keep in mind that before treating any condition, including Elbow Pain, as TMS or PPD, it is vitally important to consult with your physician in order to rule out any serious medical conditions. To learn more about TMS and PPD, and to help you figure out if you have it, visit our An Introduction to TMS page and watch the video there. Some more guidance in figuring out if this approach is right for you can be found in the video at the top of our So You Think You Might Have TMS page.

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Elbow Pain and TMS Success Stories

  • Cfhunter and Capn Spanky's Tennis Elbow success stories can be found here.
  • Redskater and salamander mention recovery from Tennis Elbow in this thread.
  • MelRussel says, " I had a terrible case of tennis elbow in the spring of 1999. Two different orthopedists recommended surgery after cortisone. Standard rehabilitive therapy and an extended sports rehab program failed to produce lasting results. I have always regarded surgery as a last option, but the pain was so severe I felt I had no choice. I then read about Dr. Sarnos books in U.S. News and World report, and although very skeptical, bought both his Healing Back Pain and The Mindbody Prescription. The main theory sounded ridiculous to me, but I was desperate enough to give it a try, so I read both books cover to cover. How could just realizing act that my tennis elbow was caused by repressed anger cure it? Sarno said its necessary for the concept to sink in to the subconcious for it to be effective, so I spent 30 minutes a day rereading the books and making a list of anything I could possibly be angry about. In about 6 days I had a marked improvement, and within a month I was totaly cured. Numerous other minor aches and pains have dissapeared as well. I did not get instanous results like some people. It took a bit of time and effort for the basic concept to penetrate my subconscious. And I did that by simply reading the books cover to cover and making a list of things I might be angry at."

Elbow Pain referenced in TMS Books

As most people now know, tennis elbow occurs in many people who do not play tennis. It is still regarded as a strain on a tendon attaching a muscle to a bone at the elbow. Rest and immobilization are the usual treatments; steroid injections are often employed...tennis elbow responds well to the program of education once the patient has accepted the fact that the pain is due to TMS.

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