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Congratulations on completing this program! Regardless of the current level of your symptoms, the fact that you committed to this approach is something to be proud of.

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Where to go next: Some of you may be asking where to go next. This really depends on you, and what you have found helps you the most. Just because you still have symptoms, does not mean you necessarily need to do another program. Remember, recovery comes from within, and requires that you change how you view your symptoms. This can be done with our without a program. Sometimes, doing less can lead to doing more.

First, read a TMS book. This can be the same one you have been reading throughout this program or a different book. You do not need to read every single TMS book to recover. You simply need to find a way to incorporate the ideas from the book into your life. Of course, reading a new book may give you a different perspective, and change how you think about TMS.

You may also find it helpful to work through another TMS program. There are several programs out there including: Alan Gordon's TMS Recovery Program, Howard Schubiner's program from Unlearn Your Pain, and David Schechter's Workbook.You can also start this program over again. As you go through this program again, new things may stand out to you.

Sienna's Success Story:

Dear all,

I am glad to share my story with those of you still struggling and I hope it can help you to strengthen your faith in your recovery. In my early 30s my life entered a parenthesis after a back spasm that appeared from nowhere while playing tennis. After 4 years of debilitating back pain, unnecessary surgery, constant physical therapy and other treatments and many unanswered questions, my life became very limited. I was skeptical, faithless and depressed.

When I say paralised.. I mean it! I stayed all day in the sofa and hardly went out for anything, just to visit doctors of phisiotherapist. I could not walk for more than 5 minutes, avoided walking the steps, stopped driving, cookin going out... I was totally paralysed! I lost 10 kilos and became really weak and fearful of any simple movement... Had a hard time even to get my arms up to wash my hair when I was in the shower... not to mention bend or take things from the floor.

Last year I came across Dr. Sarno’s work and ordered all of his books. I started devouring Healing Back Pain and felt like I was reading my biography!! Finally, I had found answers to all my questions.. I started connecting the dots, everything made sense to me!!!

It took me only a few days to accept the approach and kept looking for help. Finding the TMS Wiki was a treasure for me, cause as Sarno says...“knowledge is Penicillin”. The site helped me to look for a practitioner in Europe. I was very lucky to hear about Georgie Oldfield in the UK, who helped me to reinforce the diagnosis and set the following challenges with confidence. Within a couple of months I started swimming and my instructor is was just amazed with my daily improvements. Time, perseverance and faith are taking me further.

I also followed Dr. Schubiners book which I highly recommend. I asked some questions by e-mail and he was always available and helpful.

Last summer I did my first trips, jumped into the ocean, went out dancing and experienced things I had not been able to enjoy during the last years. Now I just came back from a long trip and I still had to punch me to believe I was there. On my way back, as the plane was about to land in my city, I broke in tears due to the emotion it caused on me: I was there again! Travelling around the world and enjoying great experiences. I felt like a bird out of the cage, This is something I would have not even dreamt about a few years ago.

I am still on my recovery journey and enjoying every bit of it. As almost every patient says, ‘I am sure this work changed my life for the better.’

It is amazing to understand how powerful our mind can be.. so it is a question of rewiring and reframing all the "negative false nocebo" statements that were placed out there... Now it is very important to say to yourself: I am healthy and strong. "all the muscles of my back are strong and flexible" or whichever symtpom you have.

Now I know the power of strong self-dialogue, believe in yourself!!! Because all our muscles are strong and we are always able to do much more than we think.

I had been wanting to write my story for long and this is what came out, but I will be reviewing it and improving it to offer helpful information. The power for a healthy life is in our mind, we just need to learn how to teach it. It is not difficult, it just takes many repetitions, wholehearted commitment and perseverance. As Dr. Schubiner says "it's like training a puppy".

Best wishes

To discuss this story visit the thread: Pain Free.

Visit the Success Stories subforum regularly to read about how other members find their path to recovery, and plan on writing your own Success Story!

Question To Ponder
What have you learned about yourself by going through this program? If you feel comfortable sharing, then post your response in a thread in the Structured Educational Program section of the PTPN's discussion forum. We would love to hear from you.

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