Day N

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Section from the TMS Recovery Program: Provide Comfort

Keep in mind that there is not one “correct” way to recover from TMS. This brief article, Be a Scientist, discusses different methods that may work for different people. It is important to self monitor your reactions to different techniques, in order to determine what works best for you. Perhaps you have a very strong reaction to all the “personality traits” journaling prompts and have no emotional reaction to the “childhood” journaling prompts after trying them multiple times. Focus on what works for you in order to have a successful recovery.

Question To Ponder
Question to ponder:

Go back to your exercise from Day F (Generating Self Compassion) and re-read the steps you outlined to comfort yourself as a child. Have you been treating yourself with the same kindness as you would a child? If not, why has this been difficult? If you have been struggling with your current method of self-comfort, you may want to repeat the exercise from Day F.

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