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Welcome to the Community Resources page for the TMS Recovery Program, created by Alan Gordon, LCSW. Here you will find information about the various resources related to Alan's recovery program, including the special subforum for the TMS Recovery Program, the Official Threads Project, and more.

The resources listed on this page are referred to as community resources because they are created by the TMS Wiki community. While we hope that Alan likes the resources, he does not formally review them and is not responsible for their content.

Reader's Guide

The TMS Recovery Program is, as the name implies, an entire recovery program. However, reading the program and listening to the recordings really only provides a road-map. You have to figure out how the ideas in the program apply to your own life and then you have to do the actual work of applying the ideas. While it may be easy to read the program as if it were a magazine article, the important part is applying it, and you will only get out of it what you put into it.

To help you get the most that you can out of the program, we have created at Reader's Guide to the TMS Wiki. This breaks the program down into small chunks and provides activities to complement the readings and recordings. It forces you to slow the process down and will help you get the maximum benefit from the program.

The Reader's Guide can be found via the following link: Reader's Guide to the Alan Gordon TMS Recovery Program

TMS Recovery Program Subforum

Our special subforum for discussing the TMS Recovery Program is a great place to get and give advice around the sections and concepts brought up in the TMS Recovery Program. You can start out by reading what others have written, or post your own thoughts or questions. Visit this thread for a video tutorial on how to make a post.

Official Threads Project

In late May 2014, we launched a series of "official threads" to help people slow down when going through the recovery program. Posted twice a week, these threads discuss each section of the TMS Recovery Program and feature responses from a volunteer team of over 20 forum members.

The threads serve as a supplement to the TMS Recovery Program itself by giving people who are doing it something more to read, to see how other people have struggled with the ideas or applied them in their own lives. Additionally, the threads will eventually form an important component of a new structured program that will complement and precede our existing Structured Educational Program.

The following is a list of the official threads:

1 Introduction - Thread posted May 22, 2014
2 Part I
2.1 Accepting the Diagnosis - Thread posted May 26, 2014
2.2 Reframe the Meaning of the Pain - Thread posted May 29, 2014
2.3 Working Toward Outcome Independence - Thread posted June 2, 2014
3 Part II
3.1 Generate Self Compassion - Thread posted June 5, 2014
3.2 Recognize Destructive Behaviors - Thread posted June 9, 2014
3.3 Identify Source of Abuse - Thread posted June 16, 2014
3.4 Mindfulness - Thread posted June 23, 2014
3.5 Address Repression
3.5.1 Sadness - Thread posted June 30, 2014
3.5.2 Anger - Thread posted July 7, 2014
3.6 Identify Source of Repression - Thread posted July 17, 2014
3.7 Feel Your Feelings - Thread posted July 24, 2014
3.8 Stand Up to the Inner Bully - Thread posted July 31, 2014
3.9 Provide Comfort - Thread posted August 12, 2014
3.10 Prioritize Yourself - Thread not yet posted
3.11 Attend to Your Internal State - Thread not yet posted
3.12 Take a Loving Stance - Thread not yet posted
4 Conclusion - Thread not yet posted

View the current official threads on the forum

Important Threads

Webinars with Alan Gordon, LCSW

The PPD/TMS Peer Network has held several webinars with Alan Gordon. Some of the recordings featured in the TMS Recovery Program are excerpts from these webinars.

June 8, 2012
Discussion Thread
Audio Recording (embedded in post)
Chat Log

July 21, 2012
Discussion Thread
Audio Recording
Chat Log

March 18, 2013
Discussion Thread
Audio Recording
Mini Session 1: John
Mini Session 2: Mandi
Mini Session 3: Layne

View all webinars conducted by the PPD/TMS Peer Network

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