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Discussion in 'Success Stories Subforum' started by mindfulliving, Dec 26, 2013.

  1. mindfulliving

    mindfulliving Peer Supporter

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  2. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    It sounds to me like TMS and you need to do some journaling to discover what are your repressed emotions
    that is causing you pain while working out. It may be triggering something in your past.

    Dr. Sarno and others say work through your pain, but be careful not to overdo it.
    Maybe make your workouts shorter and less demanding, and slowly work your way up.
    But try not to think about the pain coming after the workout.
    You may be conditioning your mind to expect that.
    Instead, tell yourself you're not going to feel anxiety or depression after the workout.
    Feed your mind an affirmation mantra... "I will feel great after this workout."
  3. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    Dear Mindfulliving,

    Like you, I experienced the "book cure", with 100% of my symptoms leaving after reading about TMS. However, also like you, this didn't last and my TMS symptoms crept back in fairly quickly. I realized I was going to need to do some work in order to get back to that 100% pain/symptom relief. For me what worked was starting one of the structured educational programs. I chose Unlearn Your Pain by Dr. Schubiner, and really like it. The work involved is emotionally difficult and painful, but I was able to achieve a pretty stable 90% level of pain relief for over 6 months from using the program. I'm feeling inspired now to get back to work in order to get to that 100% freedom from TMS that I know is possible. There are other programs available, like the Structured Educational Program available free on this site.

    You already know that your symptoms are TMS, which is the biggest hurdle. Now, as Walt suggests above, you need to uncover the repressed emotions that are the reason you have TMS.

    Welcome to the forum! Congratulations on your progress and best wishes on your healing journey...
  4. nancy

    nancy Well known member

  5. nancy

    nancy Well known member

    God Blesse you, able to heal on your own, you are so concentrated on healing! Thanks,
    Nancy. You give so much encouragement. Thanks, nancy
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  6. mindfulliving

    mindfulliving Peer Supporter

    First of all i'd like to thank you for your heartwarming replies, you guys are truly amazing and i feel better after just reading your replies. Its important that we tms'ers share experiences and know that there are more people like ourselves. It helps in accepting yourself as you are and dissolvimg the anxiety that normally comes with tms, well my
    Tms symptoms at least.

    Its also intersting to note that as i stressed about symptoms, i developed muscle and joint aches and severe depression, along with feeling like i had fever but temperature was normal- for a month which faded by itself overnight.

    A classic example that confirmed i had TMS and aided in my healing was, once i had a hair stuck in my throat, i pulled it out but still felt like i had it stuck in my throat, i was worried, terrified i had to live like this. So went to a doctor who put a camera in my throat and there was nothing. I believed- within 5 mins out the office i didnt notice where the feeling went it was UNREAL.

    Those were just examples of my tms. Now to my treatment, im not sure if i have some repressed emotions. I'm pretty sure i do. But my problem seems to be "wrapping my head" around this problem and convincing myself that there is nothing wrong with my genito-urinary system as well as my pelvic muscles. The odd part is i feel fine while playing sports like badminton but working out brings the pain back. My workout was only 17 mins long. It was a short workout but as soon as i started i felt something was going on. Started to get anxious and when i felt the slightest symptom return. Poof that started a vicious cycle.

    Now two days after that i am better, but fear of the pain and being anxious about it is my bigger problem than the pain itself. I know that if i convince my mind and allow it to relax the pain symptoms fade themselves rather fast. I dont have overnight cures and it normally takes 2-3 days for symptoms to go entirely, but the "feeling mentally convinced" happens OVERNIGHT literally.

    Honestly i didnt even begin to read any of sarno's books. Just some testimonials and a quick wikipedia search on tms helped me heaps and i left for a party. It was there that i slowly started to feel emotionally normal and "JUST NOT CARE". That to my knowledge is the cure. The problem is it happens SPONTANEOUSLY and it seems to not fully be in my control.

    Is there any advice any of you can offer or any methods or techniques that will help me accept it and dissolve it. Another thing is i keep waking up at night, not because i have anysymptoms at all but just wake up anxiously. Any help would be massively appreciated and i am definitely going to enroll in the program!

    To ellen:

    I know i am a classic tms'er who is obsessed with getting better. But i've kind of learnt that the more you look foward to a "cure" or a "cure date" or
    Time period...the harder it is for your body to "heal". But regardless i would like to ask you this question, how far deep into the program did you feel like you were on the right path mentally. Was it rather soon or only
    during the last week.
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  7. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hmmmmm........This is a complicated question. Around the same time I started Schubiner's 28 day program (Unlearn Your Pain), I also decided to stop taking the pain medication tramadol that I had been taking at the maximum dosage for 15 years. Though I tapered the medication slowly, I went through pretty hellacious withdrawal symptoms, both physically and psychologically. So it was a very difficult 28 days, some of which was from the emotions stirred up by the journaling. But I was able to see the clear connection between my emotional/psychological issues and my TMS symptoms pretty quickly. This is what kept me motivated to keep working the program despite how difficult it was at times. Making this connection is essential to progress in healing TMS in my opinion.

    I know many people on this forum suffer as much from the fear of TMS pain/symptoms, as from the actual TMS symptoms themselves. That was not the case for me, though I did at times have major concerns that my symptoms were due to some major, deadly undiagnosed condition. But Sarno states that the purpose of TMS is to distract us and focus our attention on our body, and I believe this is true of the fear of TMS, as well. The question that is the key to healing is "What is the TMS (or the fear of TMS) distracting me from?" For me, journaling within a structured program has led me to be able answer that question and to, therefore, make significant progress. Still, I have conditioned responses and bad habits to unlearn, and new, healthy habits to become more skilled at. And I still have a low-level lingering pain and anxiety that I need to resolve.

    Have you read Alan Gordon's Recovery Program that is available on this site? I think you might find that useful. But, of course, if you haven't read Sarno's books yet, dive in. They are great and will only advance your progress toward healing.

    Best wishes....
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  8. mindfulliving

    mindfulliving Peer Supporter

    Hi folks....i do get symptoms on and off....

    But this depression and anxiety is killing me to the point where at times during the day i think about suicide...then at times im optimistic...its a battle going on between two parts of my mind...some help on how to win this battle would be appreciated?

    One more thing ive noticed, i continue to scourge tms forums now and every time i read something negative...it makes me depressed and anxious again....and every time something positive...for a few moments i feel like i'm going to make a recovery very soon. Crying helps my problem alot. Crying and praying with faith to the lord. But it seems to fade away because my faith isn't strong enough. God has taken me out of these type of situations numerous times and i hope im cured again.

    YES! I called up Alan gordon and he said that my problem was i am overly obsessed with healing! I am trying my best to work on this by keeping busy but my anxiety and depression seem to be winning and i seem to be losing every time!

    Maybe just maybe! It is the fear of working out and triggering the pain again that is stopping me from getting better! Maybe i should face my fears!

    But keep in mind that only 10 minutes of working out triggered my tms anxiety and symptoms. Do you feel if i face my fears the symptoms may get worse or will they get better! I seem to be convinced it is entirely psychological which explains why my symptoms have failed to flare up! But now this bastard tms is using anxiety and depression to distract me from my emotions! I cannot feel normal! I dont enjoy doing things i used to anymore! I have always been ocd about things. I am planning to start dr schubiner's unlearn your pain program. Question is: will it help me psychologically? Or is it just for the physical symptoms? I domt feel as scared of the physical symptoms than of the psychological ones which seem to be taking my life from me! Please help friends!
  9. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    Dr. Gordon was right... try not to be obsessive-compulsive about your pain and healing or exercising.
    Don't fear that the symptoms will never go away. Don't be fearful about exercising. If you can work out
    for 10 minutes, try keeping at that for a week. Then try to go to 12 minutes for a week. Then 15 minutes.
    That may be all you need.

    Maybe spend less time thinking about your symptoms. Spend more time on activities you enjoy.

    I think most people have had suicidal thoughts at one time or another. When life really throws us a
    lot of grief, we become depressed. The thing is not to stay there. That's especially the time to lighten up.
    I do it by laughing. It's amazing how fast my thoughts of being down or frustrated or angry go away.
    Just a minute or two of laughing chases the blues away.

    Holidays are notorious times for having the blues. And the start of a new year. We worry that the new year
    may be as bad or worse than the old year. But our lives have a way of bouncing back, being renewed.
    New, unexpected good things happen. We have to keep faith that they will happen to us in the new year.
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