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tiredness thru the roof

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by allinthemind, May 25, 2016.

  1. allinthemind

    allinthemind Peer Supporter

    Hello everyone,
    I'm currently on my recovery path but still a long way to go. My focus is not on the pain, I have had some very good days where the pain is at the back of my mind, however recently I am struggling with tiredness. It's as if I have got control of my waking unconscious but when I sleep TMS is wreaking havoc leaving me exhausted the next day.
    Help please. Zzzzzzzzz
  2. Walt Oleksy

    Walt Oleksy Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, allinthemind. I wouldn't worry about feeling tired. I believe it is another way our subconscious mind is telling us something emotional is causing our symptoms.

    I suggest you begin the Structured Educational Program, free in the subforum of this web site. It helped me to discover repressed emotions I had been carrying around inside me since my boyhood, when my parents divorced when I was seven.

    Do you have insomnia? If you have trouble sleeping, there are many techniques to help. Deep breathing and meditation are two of them. I especially like meditation.

    Meditation is a time-honored way of relaxing the mind and relieving anxiety, mental stress, headaches, and even physical pain. There are many ways to practice meditation, but many consider the most successful to be a technique called the Relaxation Response (RR).

    It is a wonderful way to practice TMS Mindbody Healing because it changes harmful thinking in the subconscious mind which Dr. John Sarno says causes pain in many people.

    The RR, practiced daily for a few minutes has a profound positive effect on the subconscious mind, relieving or curing everything from inflammation and pain to headaches, stomach problems, insomnia, high blood pressure, to even aiding in recovery from cancer.

    RR is like Transcendental Meditation which is taught by TM specialists who charge hundreds or thousands of dollars. But the RR is free and you can do it yourself.

    It is done 20 minutes once or twice a day, before a meal, and works best if not practiced within two hours after a meal. I do it in bed before arising in the morning and again in bed before falling sleep. Often, I only do it 5 or 10 minutes and it works to calm me and put me to sleep.

    Just sit in a chair (or lie in bed in the morning or at bedtime), close your eyes, don’t listen to any music, and try to avoid outside noises. Let your mind think of a word such as "One " which has no real meaning or association. Or say a calming word such as “Peace,” or add the faith or spiritual element by saying a favorite religious word. Breathe in through the nose, hold the breath for a few seconds, then say the word when you exhale.

    Say the word silently over and over. At the end of the 10 to 20 minutes, picture and feel yourself as you were when you felt your best, and in a place where you felt that way.

    When distracting thoughts arise during the RR, as they will, just tell yourslf, “Oh, well,” and go back to repeating your chosen word. Transcendental Meditation teachers will charge hundreds of dollars to give practitioners a word, but the word you choose yourself in the RR works just as well.

    There are several free videos on Youtube about the Relaxation Response. I especially recommend these two by Dr. Benson:

  3. allinthemind

    allinthemind Peer Supporter

    Thx Walt. I sleep fine, as in fall asleep and usually sleep 7ish hrs but it doesn't seem quality sleep at all.

    Been well into meditation recently and even gone down the higher self route and fascinated by spiritual stuff now, strange where things lead u.
    Not tried the RR have seen u post it b4 will defo give it ago.

    Thx again.
  4. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    Fatigue is/can be a TMS defense mechanism, if there is nothing that needs to be treated allopathically.
  5. allinthemind

    allinthemind Peer Supporter

    I thought I had overcome my sleep problems. About 2 weeks ago I was waking feeling much more refreshed but been nackered recently. Hopefully I am giving TMS a total hiding and it is desperate to get off the ropes, I guess I will just to keep it there until the KO.

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