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Tingling/muslce pains/"weak" uncoordinated limbs/genital pain

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Brainstorm, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. Brainstorm

    Brainstorm New Member

    Nobody replied in my introduction thread, so maybe I'll have more luck here...

    For 5 months I've had a weak right arm, tingling right arm and leg, left arm pains, occasional "foggy" headaches. The symptoms are increased be stress, usually, and constantly fluctuate and present themselves in different combinations. Although today I woke up and for the first time the "weakness" is in my left arm! Totally bizarre. My testicle hurts mildly throughout the day, and sometimes in the groin. Especially after ejaculation. The Dr. diagnosed me with "epididymitis" and gave me antibiotics. They were ineffective and I believe this is TMS or equivalent as well.

    I've seen two general doctors, had a CATscan at the ER and a neck MRI. All are normal. Therefore, I am convinced this is TMS. I've been seeing a therapist and have been reading Sarno's books and also journaling.

    Right now I am looking for people struggling with similar symptoms that would like to have a discussion. Thanks.
  2. Walt Oleksy

    Walt Oleksy Beloved Grand Eagle

    Brainstorm. I have had different pain, mainly in the back an right knee, but have healed by believing 100 percent in TMS.
    You've had the examinations and are okay structurally, so your pains are from TMS repressed emotions and/or a
    perfectionist-goodist personality. Let the Structured Educational Program help you to discover and deal with them.
  3. mdh157

    mdh157 Well known member

    Good luck Brainstorm.......my symptoms are all over the place as well and they are causing me to worry which is only making it worse. Working on getting my hands around it but it's def not a short process.
  4. Brainstorm

    Brainstorm New Member

    Thanks guys. I believe I went the TMS route faster than most--as in, most people come to it as a last effort rather than a first. I have had two brief periods where I felt better, and then a stressful episode brought the symptoms back almost immediately. I'm starting the SEP--even though I have already been journaling, getting therapy, reading the books, etc., I think it's good to start at square one as to have a good foundation. I have a hard time believing this is permanent, so I am looking forward to a steady recovery! Thanks for reading and responding.
  5. James59

    James59 Well known member

    Brainstorm, I've had the first three symptoms on your list for quite some time, especially the weak, uncoordinated limbs. It's funny, I can do jumping jacks and push ups with no trouble at all, but manipulating a butter knife to make a sandwich is pure torture throughout my body. When I'm making the bed working my muscles feels like I'm trying to push a rope. Sometimes nothing moves until I can figure out a workaround to get my limbs where they need to be.

    I know its TMS because I have plenty of exceptions to the problems. For example, during the day I have trouble manipulating a towel to dry my hands, but if I get up in the middle of the night I can dry my hands as easily as I ever could. I also have no trouble with a towel if I'm in a genuine hurry. When I realized that, I tried imagining I was in a hurry, and that worked for about 2-3 days. Then I think my subconscious got wise and the trick never worked again. But it proved that there's nothing physically wrong.

    Unfortunately, I've tried a lot of TMS cure techniques, and some of them seem to have helped a little at first before reverting back, but so far nothing has stuck.
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  6. jtperks

    jtperks Peer Supporter

    I've had weak wrists/hands for the last 4 months. My dominant hand has pretty much totally recovered, my left hand has gotten only slightly better -- but it's still basically the same. I have the same weird weakness. The weakness is perceived, not clinical. Meaning, I can lift heavy things no problems, like a book or a dumbbell. But a glass, toothbrush, remote control, etc, I can hold it but there is a feeling of weakness there. I know it's not true weakness. My neurologist thought I was nuts, said I was stronger than he was.

    He didn't want to get an EMG because he thought it would be a waste of time, but I'm going to insist on it when I go back in April. I know if I had that proof that there is no nerve damage, that I could move forward with treating this as TMS. I'm kinda stuck in this place that you are, that I can't really find that many people with my symptoms. Usually people with RSI just report pain. I don't have any pain at all.

    Anyway, Dr. Sarno says that weakness is a symptom of TMS -- so for now, I'm hanging my hat on that. Also, does your pain make any sense at all? Like, did you injure yourself, or did this stuff just come out nowhere. For me, it just came out of nowhere. So, I lean towards TMS because I shouldn't be having RSI in my left hand, I barely use the thing..

    I'm learning a bunch from people on this forum -- learning what I'm doing right and what I'm doing wrong. From what you're reporting, I would just move forward and treat this as TMS. Hope you get better!!
  7. Lizzy

    Lizzy Well known member

    Sounds like all of you have the physical proof to know its TMS, but the deep down convince your subc is still in the "think it might be stage". We are all different, but it has helped me to read how people are relating to their symptoms. The way they describe their beliefs about their symptoms. We TMSers seem to have common "voices". The voice that isn't sure and is full of fear still, the one that beleives and has reached the rolling eyes stags (but still has pain), the confidant voice that says its on the run etc. As I have learned these voices it has helped me see where I am with my progress. My symptoms are running around and identifying my voice helps me know what needs worked on.

    The guru's here say 100% belief is of 1st importance.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2015
  8. Brainstorm

    Brainstorm New Member

    Greetings, James59. I've had two episodes where my symptoms were 95% gone for a week or so, then a stressful episode brought them back on. I also noticed that when I start to feel better for a few days, I begin to journal less, read less, and generally declare victory over TMS. So now I am planning to keep doing these things until I am symptom free for a month. Definitely don't give up and make sure to be very consistent. I think this is key.
  9. Brainstorm

    Brainstorm New Member

    Thanks, Walt. I'm on Day 3 and looking forward to seeing what it brings.
  10. Brainstorm

    Brainstorm New Member

    I'm not sure what tests to get after my CTscan and MRI--I think I will request an EMG also. Having that reassurance is soo important for accepting the TMS diagnosis and I think it will make our efforts more effective.
  11. Brainstorm

    Brainstorm New Member

    Thanks, Lizzy. It's so hard to ignore that voice! My symptoms started after I took a hard knock to the head (several)--the brain is so mysterious that I always wonder if something is wrong in there, even though my tests and 4 doctors agree that I am structurally sound. My last doc (a general doctor) even came out and said that I was probably just super anxious and recommended I see a psychiatrist. Sometimes I worry that I found Sarno's work too early in my recovery, because most people come to it after they've exhausted all other options. However, I know that I must learn to believe--having faith in anything has been a struggle my whole life. So, in that sense, this is benefiting me in many ways. After this is all over I know we'll all be so much stronger and wiser. And hopefully not so hard on ourselves!
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  12. Lizzy

    Lizzy Well known member

    Brainstorm, I hope you didn't read Sarno to early, if so I'm in trouble. I have known about Sarno for years. Thats a long story I posted on success forum, titled, how my dr gave me plantar faciitis. Last Sept I thought I had healed from "something" in the past, but couldn't remember what. I asked my husband about what I had and he said I hadn't had anything I had read the book for his back. So I thought I was having my second time around with healing something, when it was really my first attempt. That healed very quickly without exausting physical options.

    I know alot of stuff I have suffered since I was 14 has been mindbody, but this is the first time I healed ongoing pain through this method.

    When, not if, you heal is about believing and how much pressure is pushing the lid on your store of repressed emotions.

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