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staying hopeful

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by ellie freegan, Jun 29, 2015.

  1. ellie freegan

    ellie freegan Peer Supporter

    i am having some difficulty believing that i will get better having completed the wiki structured educational program read healing back pain and watched many of the videos on the wiki .video library and have no improvement in my simpsons in fact see any change i've noticed is more frequent headache and more anxiety some reassurance would be much appreciated thanks very much
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  2. Ryan

    Ryan Well known member

    I would look at your symptoms getting worse as a good sign. Mine often get worse as I get to new levels of healing. Keep having hope, it's the mainstay of life. Without it life can be dark, the truth sets us free.

    Be patient change doesn't happen overnight. Dont know how long you have done tms healing. It took you a lifetime to get here, so don't expect it to leave soon.

    I was reading your other thread conditioning and will posts here. You expect the pain to come because your preoccupied with it. Let it come don't run away from it, your body is fine. It's your mind that needs healing. You want control over everything and it enraging when you don't have control. Let go, but that is something you gave to learn on your own. No one can tell you how, just like how to forgive. Your going to be ok, look at where your at in life and how you react.

    I wish I could give you the answers but we have to learn on our own. Once you get burned by the fire and learn from it you will come out a warrier. You will be the one to ultimately heal yourself along with a higher power. Other people will help you along the way. Goodluck keep gaining knowledge. Then the tough part comes is to stop gaining knowledge and act on it. You will get there and there is light at the end if the tunnel. We are what we believe.

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  3. Steve Ozanich

    Steve Ozanich TMS Consultant

    Ellie, there's much that you didn't say. But know that healing takes time. What are your symptoms, how long ago did you discover TMS, do you believe your symptoms are caused by your emotions?...etc. Just reading doesn't do anything, the reading has to correlate to internal change. Sometimes that change occurs rapidly in some folks because they are able to uproot their current belief system and replace it faster. If your symptoms are protecting you from deep pain then your brain won't give up the defense mechanism easily.

    The deeper Self is resistant to change and can put up and epic fight to shield and protect ego, especially if ego has sold out to superego.

    If you want reassurance, I can tell you that people are healing every day, from most/many things. Those people believe in TMS, however, and Dr. Sarno.

    Keep gathering information, keep asking questions. Be patient with yourself, you will be ok.

    The worst thing you can do is try to heal.

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  4. hopeful03

    hopeful03 New Member

    "The worst thing you can do is try to heal."

    I've seen several people quote you on this Steve, and mention to read your book the Great Pain Deception. I have read Dr. Sarno's books as well as a couple others that helped me with TMS and I was looking to read yours, but it wasn't available on iBooks. I am currently overseas so iBooks was my best option, but will be back in America soon, so I look forwards to buying a copy!

    In the meantime, do you mind sharing your insight a little further on this, or maybe direct me to a previous link or thread where you've elaborated on this notion. The idea of not trying to heal is so hard to grasp. As TMSers, we are so inclined to try to control everything. I would love to learn how to let that go, but even when I try to let go, I feel like I'm still controlling and pressuring myself. Sometimes I think I've got it and I make great progress, other days I feel like I'm back to square one.
  5. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, Hopeful. I hope Steve Ozanich can elaborate on his suggestion about not trying to heal from TMS pain.
    I agree that is a pretty hard thing to do. I think he means just believe 100 percent that the cause of our symptoms
    are emotional, from TMS. Accept that belief and go on with our life, to find ways to enjoy it and forget about pain.
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  6. Steve Ozanich

    Steve Ozanich TMS Consultant

    Walt, you always get it, you’re the greatest summarizer in history. My mom made me promise to tell you that she read your memoir book, and loved it. It brought back good memories to her. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet but I will soon, me hopes, once I get my new stuff published.

    “Never try to heal” means to never do any “acts” that attempt to heal the body. With TMS, there’s nothing wrong with the body, so what is it that needs healed?

    Trying to heal is “TMSing.” That means that you’ve once again fallen for your clever brain’s strategy of diverting your mind’s eye toward your body, and away from the true cause. So anything you “do” is playing into your brain’s ingenious plan of avoidance, such as visiting forums every day which is an avoidance mechanism, but also a way to connect through the sensation of loneliness; feeling isolated. Forest gets this notion because he always reminds me of the statement I once made, “Just go live!” I avoided things like structured healing programs for this reason (and to prevent more Betawave production), but I fully realize some folks need a direction (such as the good doctor’s 12 Daily Reminders), of which “structure” can yield. When you’re lost, a streetlight can shine on your path, even if you don’t quite know where you’re headed… yet. This is a big reason Dr. Sarno didn't explicitly state "what to do." "Doing" defeats the purpose. As more time goes by it becomes more apparent the genius he is.

    The concept in healing is to take the need for the pain away, and to connect the symptoms to the emotions, not to heal an already healthy body. Trying to heal implies that there’s something wrong with the structure. This more deeply fortifies that a problem actually exists, and so the TMS continues. Once you read GPD it may become clearer. I took much longer than I should have to heal because I was "trying to heal," which included constantly monitoring my body. I attempted to show all the mistakes I made so that others wouldn't fall into my trap right on top of me. There's not enough room in this hole of ignorance for the both of us. I'm my own fool, you have to be yours.

    It dawned on me one day when I reread parts of HBP, for the 500 to the Nth time, and the overhead lightbulb suddenly snapped on with the good doctor’s statement, “As long as he is preoccupied with what his body is doing, his symptoms will continue.” At that moment, I became awakened to the fact that I had read and memorized the good doctor’s work, but that I didn’t get it.

    I see the same thing happening sometimes with GPD. People say, “I read it, but it didn’t take all my problems away.” But when I ask them basic questions it’s apparent that they read it but didn’t absorb it, and more importantly they aren’t living the words. Those that have, are doing great (there’s a reason for this, most of which is unconscious). The problem originates from Dr. Sarno’s examples of people healing from reading his books. Some folks feel that just reading will take their physical symptoms away, but it doesn’t work that way. It’s not just simple knowledge. Those who “just read” and have their symptoms release are also uprooting their personal paradigms at the same time. The very act of reading doesn’t do anything. You also have to change internally, as you read, with personal revelations and ah ha moments of glory.

    “Healing” takes repetition of the information, not only because the deeper self is resistant to change (to avoid becoming one of Dr. Sarno’s “highly unstable animals”), but also because the first few times the material is read it doesn’t sink in all the way, even if you consciously feel that you understand it. That reminds me, Forest if you're back from Walden Pond, why don't you create some T-shirts to raise awareness, and money for unt Viki? I was going to make up some T-shirts for my website that said, "A Dr. Sarno Highly Unstable Animal." But I'm too busy right now to play around like I want.

    Individuation is the goal: the uniting of the conscious and the unconscious. The divided mind means conscious vs. unconscious. Pull them together, as much as possible.

    Read and read, and think, and think.
    When you get hungry, eat, when you get thirsty drink.
    Then go back, and read and read, it again,
    Read it and read it, until it sinks in.

    Be relentless in ceasing! Grasp hard at letting go! Work ye arse off at doing nothing! Understand about not knowing!

    I hope that helps some hopeful, great name, imprison yourself with yourself.

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  7. IndiMarshall

    IndiMarshall Well known member

    Voww Steve, Its nice you see you here. Exactly today I ordered your book GPD. Yesterday me and my wife were discussing about your book. Since am from India, the international delivery is going to take time.

    I clearly understood what you said... i.e 'do not try to heal yourself'... which means we are focusing on structural aspects.
    That statement has opened my eyes but my symptoms are severe... I am having low back pain ..I am giving my history so that you can give suggestion otherwise I have forgot about my scans and fully concentrating on my TMS.
    I had a surgery for L5-S1 before which gave me partial relief for about 7 yrs and now after the recurrence the scans are almost similar but the symptoms are severe. There is no compression on Nerves in the scans too except compression on Thecal sac. I perfectly suit to TMS personality and 2 weeks into the programee on my own, I healed 30% which I couldnt in 5 months .. I am still home bound... As my pain is 7 or 8 on a scale of 10 its very hard to do “Just go live!” thingy & ignoring pain is much harder.

    Do you think I should go take it easy for now and try to push myself as the symptoms eases ?? What do you suggest in the meantime I receive your book??

    I have HBP, Structural Education programme (Am on day 13) . Am 30 yr old.
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  8. ellie freegan

    ellie freegan Peer Supporter

    hi Steve thanks for your detailed response in answer to your questions my main symptoms are lower and upper back and shoulder pain and depression I also have fatigue frequent colds frequent urination stomach pain and constipation as well as anxiety and headaches. I found out about Tms in February. on a conscious level I do believe that my pain is caused by emotions but I think subconsciously and sometimes consciously I have doubts. most of my Pain triggers are to do with how I sit stand etc for example sitting at computer standstill bending my neck to read look at my phone etc all make the Pain worse. I know this is conditioning but Part of Me wonders why the triggers are all quite similar and related to posture. it seems strange that negative emotions would have triggered the pain response all in similar situations. I don't know if this makes sense?

    what do you mean by if we ego has sold out to super ego?

    do you have any tips on how to achieve individuation?

    please could you clarify what you mean by work your arse off at doing nothing?

    I think what you're trying to say is read the books many times but don't do anything physical but I'm not sure thanks so much again

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