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Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by tgreen2017, Jan 20, 2018.

  1. tgreen2017

    tgreen2017 Newcomer

    Hi, as with other people, I've been getting RSI since 3-4 years ago. Some pain involves finger, forearm, and shoulder pain. I have poor posture and have invested in good ergonomics and they've definitely helped (not just temporarily, but permanently). Nowadays, the pain is really mild, but I often get angry or agitated as a result. For TMS's side, exercises haven't really helped (but to be fair, my posture is still pretty bad, and most of my pain comes from the shoulder).

    I think the hardest part for me is to 'accept' my TMS diagnosis, if it is one. As a scientist, I'm sure TMS is a thing, but not everyone has it (success in some cases, or even a wide breadth of cases, does not mean everyone has TMS - some people actually have a non-psychosomatic issue). I'm also not a big fan of Dr. Sarno mentioning Freud that often, since most of his theories have been disproven, and although he's influential, our understanding has improved dramatically since then. Basically, psychological trauma doesn't have to be a result of my 'inner child' etc etc, and could just be psychological issues we as humans all have (fear of being alone, approval, etc).

    Are there any accurate/unbiased quizzes that will show if I actually have RSI, or whether it's just TMS? Also, when you guys get agitated and angry at the problem, do you have any solutions other than acknowledging that's just the body acting up?
  2. MindBodyPT

    MindBodyPT Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi tgreen,

    Welcome to the forums. Accepting the diagnosis is difficult but it's a really important part of healing. TMS is actually a universal experience that most humans have at one point or another, whether mild or severe! The mind affects the body and vice versa for all of us. RSI and various injuries to the hands/arms in acute form can be structural but TMS theory holds that in chronic form they are nearly always neural pathway produced. Yes of course not ALL pain and symptoms are TMS, going to a good practicioner that can differentiate between them is key. That being said, MOST chronic pain is TMS.

    If you are having trouble connecting with Dr. Sarno's theories I suggest you take a look at the writings of other, more modern and neuroscience focused TMS practitioners. Freudian theory is certainly interesting but psychology and neuroscience have really evolved since then. Dr. Sarno observed a very true phenomenon but wasn't interested in doing scientific research to prove it.

    I recommend you look at Dr. Howard Schubiner's book Unlearn Your Pain, which doesn't use Freudian theory at all and focuses on neural pathways. Georgie Oldfield's writings also don't focus on this (she is a PT in the UK).

    There is no quiz or easy answer to whether you have TMS or not but remember that the VAST MAJORITY of chronic pain, including RSI, is TMS.

    In terms of getting agitated and angry over pain...take a look at Alan Gordon's pain recovery program on here, he is a wonderful psychotherapist with very practical and modern approaches to treating TMS pain that I think you'll like: http://www.tmswiki.org/forum/painrecovery/ (Pain Recovery Program)
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  3. IceBergs

    IceBergs New Member

    Ah yes. The great issue and debacle of RSI.

    Welcome to the home of no pain no gain wait that's probably the best wordology but I'm going with it!

    The hardest part for me and most people is accepting that it is TMS. There is no Quiz or anything that will unmask whether it's the ugly beast TMS or not. If your fingers and shoulder aren't broken or hurt with every single movement you give them they are typically from what I've read and experienced fine. I had this problem on and off trying to justify these issues that were happening to as well. Once you embed your self into Alan Gordon's new pain recovery program you will improve, but you have to leave the justification of the pain outside. Alan created an amazing program up and down and the best part is it's entirely free, and if you don't see yourself and or least give an effort to care for yourself it won't get better and you won't gain control of the power of pain.

    I'm no TMS expert, doctor, or anything but after awhile of experiencing TMS and Structural pain you will be able to tell the difference. Just two days ago I went out to do my daily run, but I was very anxious and stressed out about my current allergies and how they would affect my run. I took 5 steps and felt jolting pain and hurt so bad, but it was TMS. I have had separate instances of pain moving to all these places before. It started at the shin, went through the knee around the knee, up to the quad and then to my deep glute, all in a matter of seconds! BANG hurt like heck and a instantly I used Alan Gordons program and how it taught me to care for myself. The pain didn't last through the run either, I used Somatic Tracking and with 5 strides I was good to go and home free of that pain. All these areas of my leg I "thought" were structural and I had separate run ins with all the areas individually. But after examination they were normal and fine, I thought I had shin splints, IT Band, Sciatica ETC but In reality I had a broken mind, and even if I did have a structural problem I would still use TMS tech first unless I have something dislocated. My doctor has a hard time believing me but I'm in my body so if he says (your fingers hurt cause you used them to much) You don't have TMS because you had a justification he says. He's incorrect. Everyone has TMS it just hasn't hit pain yet. There are millions who walk pain free with back "abnormalities" but they are pain free.

    Getting angry at it will only make it worse. That is the number one culprit I had as well. You think by being angry at the child inside and bullying will make it go away, I thought this early in the TMS treatment. However this doesn't work for me and beating yourself up over it isn't worth it and if you do get the pain to go away, it will pop up somewhere else, at least it did for me.

    I was diagnosed with RSI... at 17. Yeah pretty funky huh? My fingers knees and legs are fine. Done let that control you because it will be okay.

    I hope you take up the Recovery Program above because it helped me a lot, even more than just pain but also anxiety and stress as well.
  4. Tms_joe

    Tms_joe Well known member

    I have TMS that results in RSI symptoms. 3 years in! That's enough time to connect some dots. One of which is as I reduced stress levels the pain reduced very gradually over time. It was insanely intense initially when anxiety was off the charts. There were times when the pain wouldn't elevate in a way commensurate with typing.

    Can you say that your mental healthy is 100%? Be honest with yourself. If not, you have a lot to gain by approaching this as TMS, which I'd bet RSI almost always is. Your body is not less capable that 99% of the population who can type all day with no issues.
    I've made a lot of progress myself and can see light at the end of the tunnel now. Reading the TMS Wiki the first couple of times I saw myself here and there. Doing it daily and listening to the recordings it became more clear there was more going on with me. The more I've identified and dealt with the more recovery I've made. My self confidence is up as well as my mood.

    What seems to be the final step for me is FEAR. Fear feeds fear which feeds pain apparently. When I just said "fuck it, I'm going to do what I want to, and the pain can be there or not. I will not alter my life for it, and I can tolerate it" I truly meant it. I was pissed in a way that came from a strong self confidence that had been lacking in recent years mysteriously. It seems the pain cannot elevate past a certain point now. I feel like eventually it just won't be a thought. I'm starting to not expect pain typing anymore.

    I should add I'm taking an approach of removing fear from all aspects of my life. Fear of losing a job, and finances not being in good shapes, etc are not things I fear anymore. I know the consequences, and I'm going to live my life and accept those things. Anxiety feels like a thing of the past now.
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