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Alan Gordon New Pain Recovery Podcast

Discussion in 'Tell Me About Your Pain Q&A' started by Alan Gordon LCSW, Apr 8, 2020.

  1. Alan Gordon LCSW

    Alan Gordon LCSW TMS Therapist

    Hi all,
    My name is Alan Gordon, and I’m the founder of the Pain Psychology Center. I wanted to let you all know that I’m starting a podcast to help patients overcome their pain. Hopefully it could help bring some structure to your recovery, especially given the uncertainty that so many of us are feeling these days.

    Of all the pain recovery programs we’ve put together, I think this one will be the most helpful. We’ll be introducing all kinds of new techniques, and going more in depth than we ever have before.

    We'll be posting a new episode every two weeks. If you had any comments or questions about the most recent episode, post it below. I'll be checking this thread periodically.

    If you’re interested in listening to the first episode, or subscribing to the podcast, click the link below.

    Click here for iTunes, or click here for Google Play.
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  2. Patrisia

    Patrisia Peer Supporter

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  3. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Alan, thanks so much for posting this. Far more importantly, thanks for offering to check back in to read our questions and comments.

    For those who don't know, Alan has been a tremendous partner and friend of this community since I contacted him in 2009 to join a group that eventually became the Psychophysiologic Disorders Association. He volunteered to do several webinars for our members and eventually turned those into a TMS Recovery Program. Three years later, in 2016, he provided us with an updated Multimedia Recovery Program, fully integrated into our forum. I have personally been greatly helped by his programs and know many others who have as well.

    Recently he has done some other amazing things, from a rigorous scientific study to document the effectiveness of this approach, to a new documentary:

    Given our long history with Alan, I hope we can turn this thread into the number one place on the internet to discuss his new podcast. Please join me in subscribing to the podcast and following the discussion in this thread.

    The bottom line is that I'm excited to listen to his new podcast. My phone is Android, so I clicked on the Google Play link and was able to easily subscribe. iPhone users can easily add it via iTunes and listen at their convenience.
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  4. JulieMTherapy

    JulieMTherapy Peer Supporter

    Hi Alan, I am so excited to listen to your podcast and it is such a gift that you are doing this! I suffered from debilitating pelvic pain for multiple years and was only able to recover when I found TMS work. Through my recovery from chronic pain, I was able to follow my true calling of becoming a therapist. Your work has greatly influenced me--in fact, I used your structured recovery program as my social work internship project: I created a group therapy program for TMS. Thank you so much for doing this!
  5. Alan Gordon LCSW

    Alan Gordon LCSW TMS Therapist

    Hi Julie,
    Congratulations on your recovery, and that’s great to hear that you’re integrating TMS in your social work internship!

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  6. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    Heya, folks,

    I just figured out how to embed the audio here. If anyone wants to listen to the new free audio while they work or surf the web, just press play below and keep the window open in the background:
    You can also download the mp3 using the dot-dot-dot menu to the right (at least that's how it appears in Chrome).
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  7. fishy

    fishy New Member

    I just listened to all the episodes over the past couple of days and this is really excellent! I did not expect it to be fun and humorous and delightful, but it was! It was also deeply informative and practical. I can't wait to hear more.

    On a side note, the Somatic Tracking episode kept touching off bouts of sudden sobbing for me whenever anyone said "it's going to be ok" or words to that effect. I would welcome insight into this if anyone has any. Maybe this is what I most need to hear? Glad I was at home (super embarrassing!)
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  8. Eugene

    Eugene Well known member

    Love this podcast and love Alan's lovely style. Listening to his voice seems to make me feel slightly better every time.

    I wish there were a lot more episodes. It seems to be quite erratic with gaps between episodes. Each episode is gold in its own right, I just wish it was more regular as I think I need a more constant stream of help.
  9. Balsa11

    Balsa11 Well known member

    Maybe that's something you've always wanted to hear, maybe you needed reassurance because of previous indifference by people in your life
  10. BloodMoon

    BloodMoon Beloved Grand Eagle

    Just seen your post. He's not Alan, but as you'd like a constant stream of help, maybe watching Dan Buglio's free daily TMS videos on YouTube might help to encourage you on your TMS 'journey' https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_o_MGVac1_ijjIeig37zVQ - Just thought I'd mention them in case you've not come across him before.
  11. Zuz

    Zuz Peer Supporter

    same here. I so rarely cry ( nothing repressed, no,no...) but I have been crying for a week now. It feels great and my dry eyes love it :).

    i guess it’s something we long to hear so much?
  12. 444

    444 Peer Supporter

    Hi everyone, I just started my journey a month ago. I have made tremendous progress. Have become very active, ignoring the pain or just observing it. This is the best I’ve felt in 2 years. 7 doctors, 4 MRI, 3 sets of injections and 5 years of PT and nothing but slow decline until now. Found the podcast about a week ago and shot right through them. Alan, please do more when you can. I understand the crying thing Fishy. My third bike ride I went a little farther (20 mins) and I said to myself, “ your safe” and just kept repeating it. Then I started to cry. I’m even doing it now just thinking about it. WOW!! Reading my second book by Dr Sarno now, Divided Mind. On day 25 of the structured program. Have been telling everyone I know who has pain about this. Knowing what it’s like to be in such a dark place I can’t help but want to show others how to get out. Daily prayers to God for wisdom (James 1:5) and then out of nowhere I stubble into this. Amazing, I’m dumbfounded as to where this program had been hiding. I know it was His timing, because any sooner and I would not have given it my best effort or maybe even a second look. Alan, again more podcasts.
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