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Dr. Hanscom's Blog My Migraines

Discussion in 'Mindbody Blogs (was Practitioner's Corner)' started by Back In Control Blog, May 24, 2013.

  1. Back In Control Blog

    Back In Control Blog Well known member

    Fourth of July fireworks
    I was 5 years old and lived in a small town in New Hampshire. Our house was right across the street from the town common. I was so excited in that the fourth of July fireworks were going to be launched in the common within just a few hundred feet of our front door. I had waited for weeks to be so close to the event.
    Around 4 o’clock I developed a headache. I don’t remember ever having one this severe and within an hour it progressed into a screaming migraine. At 10 o’clock the fireworks began. For almost an hour the house was rocked with explosions that were dramatically magnified in my pulsating brain. I don’t have the words to describe the unpleasantness of the evening. The only good news was that my usually raging mother stopped to put a cold washcloth on my head. That was a pattern that persisted in that the one thing that would always bring a dead halt to her screaming at us was the severity of my migraines.
    Stuck in bed
    This festive event marked the beginning of a lifetime of migraine headaches. Every two to three weeks I would develop a severe headache that was often extreme. Usually it was associated with projectile vomiting. I eventually used to welcome that phase in that somehow my headache would abate a little. I would be stuck in bed motionless for 8 to 12 hours with a cold washcloth on my head. Every movement was excruciating. I don’t know if I would ever fall asleep, as I seemed to drift in and out of consciousness. I was always fine the next morning. I could never tell what might set the next one off.
    In the 1980’s a drug called Imitrex was developed that I could inject into my thigh. The pills were not effective. If I could administer the injection in in time the migraine would be cut short or avoided. That medication had a huge impact on my quality of life. The only problem was that since it was an injectable I would frequently wait just a little too long and still experience significant symptoms. Occasionally I would be caught without it.
    About 10 years ago a drug called Maxalt was developed that I could just put under my tongue. It changed my life. I was much better at quickly taking it and could usually abort the migraine. Still on occasion I would not have it with me and the severe sequence of events would still knock me flat. I would need to take it two to three times per month. Then it began to not work as well and I would have to add in a cup of coffee and Ibuprofen. That usually kept the headache at bay.
    I only had a severe migraine once during surgery. Fortunately my senior partner was assisting me and was able to finish the case. When these monsters hit I was knocked flat.
    No meds
    I don’t have migraine headaches anymore. I don’t exactly remember when I quit buying the drugs but it has been at least three years. If I get a mild sense one might be occurring a little coffee and Ibuprofen knocks it right down. I still can only drink one glass of wine without risking setting off a migraine.
    Migraines and MBS
    I did not realize why the headaches disappeared until I learned that the methods I had been using to successfully allay my uncontrollable anxiety were following the treatment principles of the Mind Body Syndrome (MBS). Dr. Howard Schubiner was a keynote speaker at a course I co-chaired, “A Course on Compassion: Empathy in the Face of Chronic Pain.” He trained under Dr. John Sarno who discovered this entity in the 1960’ s and used the term, “Tension Myositis Syndrome”. (TMS) Migraine headaches are a classic symptom of the MBS. As my nervous system calmed down the headaches disappeared along with 15 other MBS symptoms I was also experiencing.
    Migraines are nasty. With engagement of a program that treats MBS you can experience the same relief that I did. It took me many years of making the wrong moves to figure it out. Usually you can experience significant relief within months. Good luck!
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  2. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    Dr. David Hanscom
    This thread is so surreal, I've had Migraines for years. Got rid of em for about 6 months after the I healed from body pain in my recovery from tms. The thing is after that 6 months they came back and I kept wondering what is it that im not understanding. Why am I still having these migraines, Well one day while I was in the midst of feeling another one come back on I started thinking psychological again and I came to the conclusion that I was trying to keep all I had to do in my head and not laid out in a time management format. I noticed every time id start to think of things I had to do for that week id get tension because in my body id feel as if I had to do all of the whole weeks worth of work in like an hour.
    So I went to my fiancé and told her I thought id finally figured out what the issue was with the migraines. She said what is it? I said I believe I have to much im trying to keep in my mind without writing it down and getting it out of my head onto paper so I can get a handle on my Time management. I then went to my study and laid every thought I had in my mind about any thing I had to do for the next six months in a time management format. Now that was two weeks ago and I haven't had a Migraine since. So as of now I feel like because I got an understanding that it was from trying to hold to many thoughts in my mind without recording them, well it sure helped me a lot. I know it was the tension from all those thoughts and goals that should have already been in a time management format but I was unaware that this was my root cause. I feel convinced im on to a better life now Dr. Hanscom with this new found understanding.
    Thanks for the thread
    and congratulations on your recovery.
    Bless You
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  3. yb44

    yb44 Beloved Grand Eagle

    This makes a lot of sense, Herbie. I realise that I had migraines because I spent far too much time 'upstairs' in my own head, thinking, planning, deliberating, ruminating, catastrophising…you get the picture. No wonder then that my veins were going ballistic. Setting out what's in your head in a time management format I guess has a similar function to journalling. It gets whatever is swirling around in your noggin out and onto paper where it can do less harm.
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  4. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    I, too, suffered from migraines since I was 5 years old. There was a time when I was diagnosed with chronic migraine, as I was having one almost every day. (I also had fibromyagia.) But I took Imitrex which controlled the migraine symptoms enough that I was able to hold down a full time job somehow. But my quality of life was zero. At the time I discovered TMS, my migraines were averaging about 4 per month. But in the 7 months since I started using TMS healing techniques, I've only had 2 migraines. This feels like a miracle. (In addition to only about 10-20% of the fibromyalgia pain remaining.)

    But for me the key has been thinking psychologically, identifying my emotions, and feeling them instead of repressing them. And journaling really helps me with this process.

    I'm glad yb44 and herbie that you both have found ways to work on your migraines, too. This stuff is just great, isn't it?
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  5. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    That makes great sense from you too yb44 about spending to much time in our heads, that's what I was doing unconsciously trying to hold all of that information and to do list in their. There comes a time when we got to take time to get those thoughts out and journaling is exactly hoe I first did it then I turned that journal entry into a time management sheet.
    this is a very good way to perceive what I said, I really like how you put it together and knew how I did it, journaling and all. Goes to show when you get the understanding and learn its like we can read each others next step sometimes.
    Thank you so much for your response. As this has been a burden to so many people, I felt like what am I doing wrong and wham, something said you have got to organize your thinking. Then I did and yb44 im so glad I listened.
    Its great to know we have each other to help.
    Bless you
  6. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    This is awesome Ellen. I have so much that im just conditioned to now in the clean thinking department. I love this quote from you (But for me the key has been thinking psychologically, identifying my emotions, and feeling them instead of repressing them. And journaling really helps me with this process. )

    It shows how to work out the issues in life with control. Im happy you have been getting a handle on things. I really started to think what in the heck am I doing wrong here and after the focusing and parts therapy I've been learning I just had that voice that told me ya know.

    Sometimes ill feel an answer in my gut sort of say and other times ill notice it with mindfulness. I am so proud that I have friends that are as bright as you and yb44. Thanks so much again for that awesome input.
    Bless You
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  7. Bodhigirl

    Bodhigirl Well known member

    My newest migraine is OUT OF THE BLUE except I am dreading the future. Yesterday was a lovely day and yet I got a migraine.
    I am thinking of learning to simplify my life. Even more than I have.
    I have support people who can help me make a plan to action to get the thinking down on paper and out of my head.
    This is a nauseating headache.
    Usually don't get this kind.
    Trying to be curious and kind and patient.
    Trying to stretch and smile and did have a good cry during meditation. I was crying for America - big picture - and for my puppy who ate a holiday card with $50 in it for one of my barn helpers. Jesus, what a mess.
    I also got too cold yesterday walking the dogs. I know I was physically tense.
    Wicked nasty migraine... I keep assuring my unconscious that I don't need the pain to feel the feelings.
    Wow, exhausted.
    Hold a good thought for me as I do for all of you.
    Good news is, these are not permanent. They are fewer than ever. My back is fine and has been for years! IC symptoms in remission for a long time! Life does not suck. But depressive anxious feelings persist... I try to be compassionate to the feelings... but maybe too kind?
    With love and gratitude,
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