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Main symptom is worse but others have gone? Why?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by sweetandsimple, May 31, 2019.

  1. sweetandsimple

    sweetandsimple New Member

    Hi Everyone

    My main TMS symptom (and the symptom that was the straw that broke the camels back so to speak and led me to discover TMS etc) is tingling and burning 24/7 in the left side of my face.

    Since accepting this as TMS and doing the work, this symptom has become worse but other symptoms that I had no idea were TMS have gone. These include eczema on my left hand and restless leg syndrome at night in my right leg.

    When my facial symptoms began and I freaked out I had a spell of very intense anxiety while seeing doctors and getting MRIs etc and that brought with it various other symptoms such as muscle twitching, neck and shoulder pain and a tight chest. These have also gone.

    Im obviously really pleased that these other symptoms have left but my facial tingling and burning is just not responding. I find this really difficult and discouraging. Why would other things go but this remain so unchanged/if not worse? Has any one else experienced a similar pattern?
  2. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi sweetandsimple,

    In case no one else chimes in here, I'll respond.

    The important thing for you to understand is that you're getting very clear results from your TMS work. While your situation may not be typical, it does fit known patterns:

    Often when we confront symptoms with skillful TMS work, they sometimes increase. See Alan Gordon's extinction burst concept described in his Recovery program. Many have reported this here over the years. Not to worry. It shows you're doing something which is challenging the old pattern, and it is trying to reassert fear/attachment to symptoms.

    Next, ancillary symptoms, even ones one does not take to be TMS often clear up. For me it was whiplash, and cat allergies, probably some others I can't think of right now, minor stuff I took for granted. This is very typical of people posting here.

    Anxiety often trades places with symptoms and vice versa. Reduction in anxiety can equal more symptom intensity.

    The strongest symptom, the one that scares you is more resistant to change. This is typical. Sometimes people get new symptoms, and this is fortunate, if they're aware, because they can see them clearly as TMS, and they don't have the same "embedded power" as the original symptom. They often go away when they're seen to be mere TMS.

    I hope this helps. Keep up your good work, reassure yourself, give yourself more time, be steadfast and patient.

    Andy B
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  3. sweetandsimple

    sweetandsimple New Member

    Hi Andy B thanks for your reply and sorry for the time it has taken me to reply. Your point about it being the one that scares me most is so true. Ive had other symptoms pop up in recent weeks (like pain in the mid upper back that ive noticed flares when i feel guilty about something!) and im just able to laugh it off because I KNOW its TMS everytime. It's stopped now after a week of it popping up here and there.

    Ive been reading Steve Ozanich's book "The great pain deception" and on page 60 he says: "My mind was still using my back as the primary source of distraction from my pleasure deferred. It held my attention stronger and longer for many reasons. One reason is that it was the most stable of the symptoms. The other reason was that it was the most painful symptom...." this really resonated with me.

    Its the 24/7 nature of it that drives me crazy. I cant seem to get my mind to lose its focus on it and every so often I worry about the fact that its 24/7 because most tms symptoms ive read about seem to come and go. I had a very stressful hospital appointment today for fertility stuff (which was my TMS tipping point) and as i sit here and type my face is really burning and crawling intensely. I just wish I could break the focus on it.
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2019
  4. birdsetfree

    birdsetfree Well known member

    Andy B has given you wonderful advice above. I would like to throw in my 2 cents. Your anxiety around your face symptoms is palpable. This is generating a substantial amount of tension and focus on them.

    Alongside that going through fertility treatment is notoriously stressful. So I would like to validate what you are going through and remind you to pay attention to focusing more on your self care. Included in that is to reassure yourself warmly and lovingly that you are safe and there is nothing wrong with your body (I'm assuming your scans came back negative).

    Then practice allowing all symptoms and sensations to be there and work on simultaneously calming your mind and body with deep breathing, reassurances and whatever other tools you have to negate the fear. By doing this everything will settle.
  5. Gartimir

    Gartimir Newcomer

    The greatest fear is ourselves, we are afraid of ourselves :)
    I like one theory of the scientist, he was brilliant, but he was tried and executed for his idea. For me, it was a shock when I finished my acquaintance with his works.

    The bottom line is: try to see the problem everywhere, it sounds absurd, but it works. For example, you feel that your face hurts or you see cockroaches where there are none. Imagine that it is everywhere and in everyone, constantly imagine that others also have the same places. After 1-2 weeks when you inspire yourself with this thought, you just start to forget about your illness.

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