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I'm starting my path to recovery.

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by stubbins7856, Aug 18, 2016.

  1. stubbins7856

    stubbins7856 New Member

    Over the last three weeks I have read Sarno's the mind-body prescription, started the educational program, and soaked up as much information about TMS as possible. Today (8/18) I Skyped with a doctor that specializes in TMS and he told me that he most definitely believes that it is TMS and not a structural problem.

    I have a ton of information floating around in my head. "You can't hurt yourself." "It's repressed emotions." I believe both of these things but it is still hard for me to figure out what I need to do right now. I mean day to day goals. It would be nice if some people could give me some feedback on what they did on their path to recovery that really help them out. Thank you!

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  2. Walt Oleksy

    Walt Oleksy Beloved Grand Eagle

    I told myself my back pain was from TMS emotions and it eventually believed that I believed and the pain went away.
    Along the way, I thought of pleasant things and did things that lifted my spirits. If I didn't think about the pain, I didn't feel much and then none at all.
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  3. stubbins7856

    stubbins7856 New Member

    Thank you for the advice!
  4. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    A structured daily program was what worked for me. Have you seen the Structured Education Program and Alan Gordon's Recovery Program, both free and available on this site? Another good one is Dr. Schubiner's Unlearn Your Pain, available on Amazon.

    Welcome to the Forum! Keep us informed on how you're doing. We are all here to support one another.
  5. stubbins7856

    stubbins7856 New Member

    Thank you so much Ellen! :)
  6. MrNiceGuy

    MrNiceGuy New Member

    Welcome. Like you, I'm new to the forums, and new to looking at pain from a mindbody perspective. In just a few weeks I feel 95% cured so I personally believe you are on the right path. You asked what has worked for others. For myself...

    After two years of seeing every health practitioner under the sun and finding nothing physically wrong, I was finally ready to accept a psychological cause for my chronic headaches. I think it was believing very strongly that my inner turmoil was the root of my pain that really made the difference. Once I accepted that, it really put things in perspective in my conscious mind, and the constant bodily discomfort and pain has melted away. I'm really blown away.

    So first and foremost, I'd emphasize accepting the TMS diagnosis on a deep level. Don't let your inner thoughts talk you out of it! This is a real thing. Beyond that, when I do feel little twinges of pain, I laugh at it or just allow myself to feel anger. Works a lot better than rolling around on the floor for 30 minutes with a golf ball! Hope some of this helps.
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  7. stubbins7856

    stubbins7856 New Member

    Yes this is very helpful. I think I am on the right path. My pain has definitely decreased a little. WHEN I do fully recover it may be the happiest days of my life. Because honestly tms in your forearms is awful. You literally cant do any activity except run without pain. The education program is helping for sure. I think I am getting somewhere. Thank you for your support everyone.
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  8. MrRage

    MrRage Peer Supporter

    I would highly recommend watching the Sarno video lecture once you've finished reading his books. I discovered it only a few days ago and it gives some information that isn't covered in the books. It is a very productive use of two hours of time and I plan on watching it again.

    Recovery takes time for most people here. I have been in the process of recovery since late March, 2016 and I continue to discover more and more about this syndrome as time goes on. The unconscious is timeless and complex and time and repetition are usually needed to change the unconscious.
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  9. riverrat

    riverrat Well known member

    Mr. Rage,
    Where do we find the sarno video lecture you are mentioning?
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  10. MrRage

    MrRage Peer Supporter

    It's available on vimeo.com. PM me if you can't find it.
  11. riverrat

    riverrat Well known member

    Thanks I found it. I will try to watch it later.
  12. stubbins7856

    stubbins7856 New Member

    What did you type in
  13. MrRage

    MrRage Peer Supporter

    Sarno lecture

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