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Day 1 I'm ready to start!

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by RonnieTL, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. RonnieTL

    RonnieTL New Member

    Hello, I am a 55 year old women and I am so happy to find this TMS structured program. I have been suffering for two years from left side pain, from my neck, shoulder, hip and down into my ankle and foot. I have recently developed numbness in my left hand as well, worse at night(as is my shoulder pain).

    I feel like I have become an addict in terms of trying to find the reason for my pain. I have been to so many different medical treatments to try and solve my issue as well as spending hours and days on the internet trying to self diagnose myself. I have had a couple of cortisone shots in my hip and both a neck and hip xray. The xrays showed aging deterioration but nothing scary.

    I stumbled across Dr. Sarno's name on the internet which led to the 20/20 program. I ordered his "Healing Back Pain" book and have almost finished it. I needed more understanding of treatment and found this site. I am ready to embrace the diagnosis of TMS. It makes sense to me. On the other hand I have a physio appointment this coming week and it terrifies me to cut off the treatments. My plan is to go in, not get a treatment, but just talk to my physiotherapist and let her know I am taking the TMS route.
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  2. GShaw

    GShaw Peer Supporter


    I do want to wish you the best luck with Alan Gordon's program.

    I can tell you I am a 54 year old male. I originally went through Alan Gordon's program in October 2018.

    It changed my life! It was hard to believe at the time, but it worked.

    I am back working through the program for other health challenges which I am curious about but Alan also believes could be related to TMS. The fact I worry far too much tells me this program could bring me success for my current challenges. I will definitely steam roll ahead if my doctor tomorrow tells me that he feels or see nothing wrong.

    The one advice I could give you, keep your mind completely open to this program. Today I still at times find it hard to believe how this program made an amazing difference in my life.

    Again, all the best with your journey.
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  3. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Welcome Ronnie, and congratulations on the gift you are giving yourself. And I echo this advice from @GShaw:
    It looks like you're doing the SEP (Structured Educational Program) whereas GShaw referred to Alan Gordon's program. I just discovered, while monitoring the SEP for missing video links, that it's been updated to include references and links to pages from Alan's program, which is awesome (thank you, @Forest!).
  4. GShaw

    GShaw Peer Supporter

    Thank you JanAther for the above post. I didn't even know about the "Structured Educational Program" until I read your post. I will have to find time and go through this program also. I am also going to have to include with my site I am creating that offers readers natural and healthy ways to deal with life challenges. I am already promoting Alan Gordon's 21 Day Program.

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  5. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Nice, Greg! Thank you for that! Spreading the word will lead to changing the world.

    I started doing this work in 2011, which is when I did the SEP. I haven't done Alan's program, which arrived quite a bit later (so very generously donated to us by Alan). However, I was around to hear at least two webinars that Alan hosted on the forum back in the day, and they were unbelievably powerful and mind-changing for me. The man is another genius, following in Dr. Sarno's footsteps. The fact that Forest has now combined links for Alan's program into the SEP, makes the SEP even better.

    And, by the way, welcome to you, too! And let us know more about your site!

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  6. GShaw

    GShaw Peer Supporter

    Hi Jane,

    Thank you for the welcome!

    I am about to start Day 3 of Alan Gordon's program for the second time. It is absolutely crazy how our mind can seriously take over our life, and send us on a tailspin. If you're not careful it can also turn your life upside down or possible ruin it. I don't take those last statements lightly!

    I have for many years experienced it first hand and continue to experience it.

    I swear since 2010 and the passing of my father to pancreatic cancer I have done far more worrying about life then enjoying life. I really need to do something about this because life is truly about enjoying.

    I have had back pain issues for probably 20 years but this reached its peak in the Spring of 2016 when my mother was dying of cancer. In October 2018 Alan Gordon's program helped me discover that most of my pain was being brought on by my mind.

    I have had tinnitus for probably close to 20 years. I am now using this program to see if I can improve this condition.

    Two weeks ago I felt a tightness in my throat, I found myself focusing on this constantly to the point it became a real issue. Alan Gordon and Dr. Schubiner both believed this was another case of TMS. They both also suggested for my 'piece of mine' that I go see my doctor. Last night I had an appointment with my family doctor for another matter. He checked out my throat and neck, as expected, he found nothing wrong with my throat or neck.

    Seriously, I am really getting fed up with worrying myself silly.

    So why am I sharing this with anyone that reads this post?

    I would like people to understand the variety of affects TMS can have on our body and health. TMS doesn't always have to equal pain! TMS in pretty much every case will equal a "FEAR" of something. My biggest fear .... of dying. The result is I find myself worrying far too much about things that could cause early death. Anyone living this type of pattern could cause early death due to the worrying. This is something I need to work on!

    This is also one of the biggest purposes to my site which I will share the address with people in an future posting.

    My Online Business Website:

    I have created my site simply because I am not a health professional nor a doctor. I am someone that would like to learn more about more natural and healthy ways to deal with health challenges. I then hope as just an every day person I can relate to people and people will be able to relate to me.

    I started this site when I came across an amazing online affiliate marketing community. I am learning about affiliate marketing while having the support of over 1 billion affiliate marketers from all over the world.

    I want to provide two types of information on my site;

    1) Free suggestions just like Alan Gordon's program - while being an affiliate marketer is about money, I want my readers to know that it isn't just about getting your atteniton and then wanting your money. I want to offer suggestions that could help!

    2) Paid suggestions - One of the paid suggestions so far is a home based business I am involved with that provides products which naturally increase our glutathione. If you don't know what glutathione is, or how important it is to our health, then I suggest you research it.

    One other thing I want to provide on my site is free and pain online health related courses.

    This is a quick overview of my site.

    While sharing my site within these forums is very much appreciated. I am equally grateful to all the help I am able to receive on here towards my challenges with TMS. If I am able to provide any information to help others, then wonderful.


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