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Day 1 How do I BELIEVE?

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by AnotherTMSGuy, Jul 16, 2018.

  1. AnotherTMSGuy

    AnotherTMSGuy New Member

    Hello! I'm excited/nervous to be here.

    I really want this to be real, but I'm so skeptical of miracle cures after dozens of attempts at them. I feel like I can't "believe" in anything before I see it for myself. I will say I have high hopes, but I'm a bit discouraged at the idea that I won't get better before I'm certain all of my problems are TMS. I'm not even sure I'll believe it after my pain gets better. If this works so well why has it been around this long and not exploded in popularity?

    Don't mean to be negative. Mindbody Perscription made sense to me. I'm planning on doing all the work in the structured program, and I've already gone for a run with very little pain. There's still a steady pinch in my hip, though, no matter how much I try to out-think it. I'll just keep doing the work and hope things improve!
  2. Lizzy

    Lizzy Well known member

    I think the reason it hasn't exploded is that it IS hard to believe. Also, if someone does believe, they very often have to do some work on the way they handle stresses and pressure. Perhaps, especially, the pressure we place on ourselves, which then can cause more pressure on ourselves to heal. We hear that a lot of people are unwilling to "go there." In The Divided Mind, by Dr Sarno, has several TMS doctors write a chapter, often their patients only want to be treated conventionally.

    I hope you are able to read about others and the successful TMS outcomes and strengthen your belief.
  3. AnotherTMSGuy

    AnotherTMSGuy New Member

    Thanks Lizzy! Any tips to avoid the pressure to heal? Was having an inner battle about this on the way home from work today.
  4. JoeHealingTms

    JoeHealingTms Peer Supporter

    In the divided mind, Sarno talks about a specific case just like what you are describing. You need to read the books and get into the material because you are approaching this from the wrong perspective. This is not a faith based cure. There might be a believing component but is into the knowledge that is out there that is based on many years of studies and exercises on psychosomatic disorders. You do not need a leap of faith, but a leap of understanding. This is a knowledge based cure, and getting that knowledge and understanding the mechanism of TMS is what will cure you, not trying to "believe" that you will get a "miracle". By the way, I have nothing against faith healing or miracles, it is just that what you are expecting from this according to your words is not what TMS is. Get the books and read them, and then re-read them many times over in the chapters that Sarno explains the mechanism of TMS. Hope this helps.
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  5. Lizzy

    Lizzy Well known member

    Joe is right about understanding rather than belief, as in "faith." I believe the mind-body paradigm is true, that there is science to support it, and that they will continue to learn more in the future.

    I have read Claire Weekes books and find her teaching about willingness helpful. She writes specifically about anxiety, but it translates really well for me when working on pressure, and even pain.

    Read and then read some more. Do the SEP here, or Alan Gordon's program. Again, Joe's post is full of excellent information!
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